November 23, 2017

Nicole Vann Features Mixed Media Art at Salon and Gallery in Venice

Most toddlers play with bubbles in their bathtub or hide-and-seek with their toys… but Nicole Vann had another idea. “My first sculpture that I can remember, I was 2 ½,” states Vann. “And my dad still has that sculpture, it was an eagle.”

Vann’s “Play-Doh” was home-made. Her mom was an art teacher and would bring her art lessons home. And since there was no television at their house, Vann took up sculpting.

Over 35 years later and schooling at Otis College of Art and Design, Academy of Art University and Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Vann’s “Play-Doh” has evolved, and the figurative artist now uses bronze or glass for her sculptures.

“My parents used to tell me there was nothing glamorous about being a starving artist… but I don’t love practical things. My heart is in drawing, paintings and sculptures.”

Visit Evolution Salon & Gallery in Venice to see the mixed media art on display, and to receive a glamorous hair makeover by Vann that includes all-natural and organic services. By appointment only.

(Photos courtesy of Nicole Vann)


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