Celebrity Connected 2017 Luxury Gifting Suite Honoring The Emmys® – Getting Amped up for the Emmy Awards

(re) Purpose Bowties
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Unless you were actually at the 2017 Emmy Awards, the best place to be Emmy weekend was the Celebrity Connected 2017 Luxury Gifting Suite held at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on September 16th.

BOHO Babes Denim

Boho Babes Denim was gifting their very stylish and trendy denim clothing for kids, both boys and girls styles. Boho Babes Denim wants to make sure your children feel the most confident when wearing our products. Boho Babes Denim strives to offer the best quality of denim with an affordable price. They also will style mom, with such cool pieces as the “Mama Tee Shirt Dress” along with the variety of women’s denim shorts. For more information, visit: Boho Babes Denim

HIGH Gorgeous

High Gorgeous is the first mainstream cannabis beauty line. Guests were gifted some of the beauty line including; “Nice Buns” cellulite treatment that firms skin and seals in moisture with properties of espresso, witch hazel, cinnamon oil, shea butter and for chapped lips the cannabis kiss lip balm, featuring coconut oil with soothing properties of cocoa butter and aloe vera gel. For more information, visit: HIGH Gorgeous

STARE Cosmetics

STARE Cosmetics was not only providing makeovers, but they were also giving an assortment of their makeup that was formulated using only the best ingredients. For more information, visit: STARE

Buzz Pop Cocktails

Buzz Pop Cocktails was treating guests to their fresh and tasty frozen alcohol infused pops. These party favorites come in a wide range of flavors including; Lemon Drop Martini Sorbet, Moscow Mule Sorbet and many more. From Las Vegas to Los Angeles these are perfect to enjoy poolside or for any party. For more information, visit: Buzz Pop Cocktails


Skin Wax Lash by Echo was gifting certificates for skincare, lash & brow services at her Newport Beach skincare studio. Echo’s menu of services offer corrective, results oriented treatments, specializing in Micro-Needling, LIRA Clinical Chemical Peels, Acne Treatments and much more. For more information, visit: Skin Wax Lash

Diva Stuff

Diva Stuff was gifting their handcrafted skincare line of products that is all made in the U.S.A. You are going to find anti-acne products, Cellulite & Slimming Spongy Soap Bar, eye cream and just about anything else you can think of.  For more information, visit: Diva Stuff

Custom Creations by Cyndie

Cyndie Wade, the founder and owner of CUSTOM CREATIONS, was showcasing her handcrafted ornaments and custom hand painted drink ware that make for the perfect personalized gift. Cyndie can paint anything you can dream up by simply sending her a photograph and she then turns your vision into reality, a custom gift that your family and friends will love and cherish for years to come! For more information, visit: Custom Creations

(re) Purpose Bowties

For more information, visit: (re) Purpsoe

The Gypsy Shrine

For more information, visit: The Gypsy Shrine

Mad Hops

Mad Hops has created flavored beer drops that will take any cheap beer and turn into a fabulous tasting craft beer. Three years in the making, Mad Hops can bring a Mexican Lime, Cherry Wheat or Irish Porter into the party or tailgating experience. Mad Hops was created using the same high quality ingredients that are available to craft brewers but at a fraction of the cost for you. For more information, visit: Mad Hops



WeWool not only sells amazing socks but they promise to donate a pair of socks every time a pair is sold! Their merino wool socks are made in North Carolina and you can feel the difference when you put a pair on. While in Los Angeles for the Emmy Awards, WeWool handed out countless pairs of socks to the homeless. For more information, visit: WeWool

Dekke Hud

Dekke Hud Skincare was gifting their men’s bio-cellulose face masks. Don’t feel slighted ladies, women can use them as well. Manufactured in state-of-the-art laboratories, these high-quality, medical-grade bio-cellulose brings spa-like treatments to your daily routine, at a price you can manage and the treatment will last for days. For more information, visit: Dekke Hud

Sue Phillips

Fragrance expert Sue Phillips was treating to guest to some of her latest scents. Sue not only creates scents, but believes that your perfume should be as unique as you are, for men and women, and that fragrance helps reflect your mood and creates memories. Sue is also committed to helping raise awareness about Alzheimer’s and has presented many fund-raising initiatives to help eradicate this disease, and to link the connection to Memory and Emotion through Scent. For more information, visit: Sue Phillips

Justin’s Peanut Butter

Justin’s Peanut Butter was sampling not only an assortment of their tasty peanut butter flavors, but also their decadent chocolate and peanut butter treats. For more information, visit: Justin’s

Naia Vibes

For more information, visit: Naia Vibes

Aliyah Moulden wearing Cosmetic Hideaways

For more information, visit: Cosmetic Hideaways

The Restroom Kit

For more information, visit: The Restroom Kit

Orali organic perfumes

Orali is the exclusive range of natural perfumes produced by artisan perfumer Elena Bensonoff. You will find unique fragrances such as Orali Chocolate Perfume. For more information, visit: Orali

Luxe Bloom

Luxe Bloom has taken the art of the rose to a whole new level with roses that last up to 60 days with no water and no refrigeration. In addition they have over twenty colors and they can custom create any setting to celebrate whatever occasion is coming up. For more information, visit: Luxe Bloom

The Fodmap
Provincial Vodka

For more information, visit: Provincial

The English Slave by David Eugene

For more information, visit: The English Slave

Svakom was gifting an assortment of their adult toys. For more information, visit: Svakom


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