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Chic! Courtesy Photo
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Barkwood Clothing recently launched their first collection, with an installation preview titled “The Destination is the Journey“.  The installation curated by Lost Found Decor, included two sets of 10 looks with draped silhouettes, shown effortlessly telling the story of a group of friends on a journey, who ended up in a rural location. The installation included the popular Schoolgirl Plaid trouser, signature Lamb Moto Leather dress, and a classic color palette of looks that can live through any season.

Barkwood Clothing is for EVERY lifestyle! Courtesy Photo

Located inside Studios 60, a warehouse filled with some of fashions finest influencers, who captured selfies at the Barkwood embossed wall, signature drinks by Mixologist LA included the “Tomboy Chic” and “Barkwood Girl”.

Head Designer and Founder of Barkwood, Charniece White, described the inspiration for the collection, to be transitional and made for the girl who can “run in the mud’, she claims “I wanted to people feel “fearless, weightless, classless, ageless, and boundless.”

Chic! Courtesy Photo

Barkwood Clothing is more than a clothing line, it’s a brand that many can resonate with! Paired effortlessly with a mantra that screams women empowerment, Barkwood Clothing is something we need now more than ever!


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