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Dave Asprey (L) discussing the Vasper
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You might heard of machines that can literally change your body, impact your mind and change the way you not only workout, but can improve your lifestyle in a wide variety of ways. In the past these have probably seemed only accessible to the rich and famous or professional athletes. That has suddenly changed as Dave Asprey brought all of these amazing machine to the masses with the opening of Bulletproof Labs in Santa Monica.

Dave Asprey (L) discussing the Vasper

If you have not heard of Bulletproof, it has become a bit of a lifestyle for many and it began on a mountain in Tibet when Dave was 18,000 feet up and low on energy and he was given a cup of yak butter tea. The drink energized him and from there he decided to research why this combination worked and how could he recreate it. From there he perfected his Bulletproof Coffee which is his, carefully curated Bulletproof coffee, grass fed butter and his Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil. Dave sought out to change his own body and reverse his ailments and he not only shared it with his best-selling books, but he opened up Bulletproof Coffee shops and now the Bulletproof Labs.

Atmospheric cell trainer

The machines in the Bulletproof Labs are not cheap and they have been tested and perfected to provide the maximum benefit when you use them. Dave has a goal to live to be 180 and while he has had use of all of these machines to help him along the way, he also wants to help everyone else. While you probably can’t put any of these in your own, Dave decided to give people the opportunity to come into Bulletproof Labs and use this equipment so that they can benefit from them in the same way that he has.

When it comes to working out, the Bulletproof Labs will literally change the way you view working out and your body will thank you for it as will your calendar as you will have extra time in schedule. The Vasper is a sitting and biking machine that puts your muscles through a two-and-a-half hour workout in only 21 minutes. Your arms and thigh are compressed in cold, which causes the muscle to quickly build up lactic acid, mimicking a much more intense workout that would take your far longer than 21 minutes. While lasting for only 21 minutes and being low impact, your muscles will know they have been pushed to the limit. The Cheat Machine allows you to tax your muscles in an assortment of workouts such as working your biceps, triceps or legs by using adaptive resistance technology. In under 15 minutes, you can get an entire weeks’ worth of workout in as the machine will put a higher resistance on the exercise when you are going in the opposite direction, taxing the muscles in a way that is impossible to do with normal weights. For those who are losing bone density, the bone trainer will be able to help. The oxygen trainer will give your lungs the most unique workout they have ever experienced. Finally if you just want to relax and get some benefits, the atmospheric cell trainer is a sealed pod that uses changes in air pressure to create a workout for your cellular energy system.

Virtual Float Tank

The virtual float tank allows you to try sensory deprivation without getting wet. The virtual float tank drops your brain into a meditative theta-wave state, providing deep relaxation and clarity.

“When you lay down in the virtual float tank you will go into a theta state and then you will know what that type of meditation feels like and you will be able to know it once you have felt it. The problem that all of us have when we start meditating is that we don’t know if we are doing it right because we don’t know what it is supposed to feel like so between the neurofeedback back and the float tank we can show your brain what it is like, so now the sensation is clear to you,” Dave said.

Bulletproof Labs also offers an assortment of IV treatments, blood tests, ketosis indicator, 3d body analysis and they also have the InBody, which is the most complete and accurate body composition tester. The list goes on and on, but to experience it all, you should go in for a visit and see all that Bulletproof Labs has to offer. Of course Bulletproof Labs can also hack your brain, as well as your body.

Results from Cheat Machine

If you want to change your body, change your mind or simply love the thought of turning a two-and-a-half hour workout into 21 minutes, the Bulletproof Labs are something you must experience. There is no one who has biohacked themselves quite like Dave has. So while he did all the work, you can enjoy the end results be using all of the machines that he feels will bring that best out of not only himself, but you. As a little bonus, the Bulletproof Coffee shop is right next door so you can enjoy something healthy to keep your body going in the right direction.

FitDJ at Opening Party

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