Beerland Season Two – Bringing More Beer and More Homebrewers to Viceland

Meg Gill (Courtesy Viceland)
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One season of Beerland proved that there is something to this homebrewing craze. Not only is America in love with beer but as much as they love beer they love unique and different characters and Meg Gill manages to bring both of those to the screen in Beerland. The five-episode second season of Beerland will kick off on December 7th on Viceland.

Stephen and Kendra Episode 1 (Photo Courtesy Viceland)

Season two of Beerland opens in Portland, Oregon and needless to say you could probably create an entire season around this beer centric city. Meg does manage to squeeze plenty of Portland into the opening episode and this one is so entertaining it will leave you wishing there were more. It begins in an almost hippy beer commune that you don’t quite know what to expect from the cast of characters that have gathered there. The one thing they all have in common is beer. From their Meg finds Marc who is homebrewing with a scientific perspective with his two friends and what makes this so unique beyond the great beer he makes is that he has been diagnosed with ALS and home brewing has really become the passion that he wants to leave a legacy with. Finally you find Meg zip lining on a somewhat iffy zip line that was put together that same day by a homebrewing couple that loves to make their beer with ingredients that are found or inspired by the wilderness that surrounds their home. You also won’t want to miss the iconic Portland strip club that is home to what has be the most wide-ranging beer selection that you will find in any strip club in the United States.

Meg Gill (Courtesy Viceland)

One of the other states that Meg visits in season two is Alabama. This is definitely a must view episode as Meg commented that this was her favorite state of this season and what made this one so interesting was the fact that Alabama was the last state to legalize home brewing. So compared to most other states, Alabama is truly in the infancy state of home brewing. This simply means that there are a lot of people new to homebrewing and that will undoubtedly lead to some people trying to perfect their beer in new and creative ways.

Meg in a field of hops (Photo Courtesy Viceland)

Season two will consist of five episodes and just as in season one, Meg will pick one beer from each episode to compete for a chance to brewed and canned at the Golden Road Brewery in Los Angeles. As she tours the county Meg is in search of that perfect homebrewed beer, but as you watch Beerland you will find that there is more to the show than simply drinking a beer. Beerland looks at the love affair America has with beer. Almost unlike anything else, beer can bring people together and for those who homebrew, you will see and hear stories about the passion and love that each homebrewer has with their beer and what it means to them.

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