Making God Laugh Review – He Does Have A Sense Of Humor

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By Kathy Carpenter

Family photo – photo courtesy of Felicia Ann Photography.

It’s time to visit Poway the city in the country. PowPac theatre presents Making God Laugh by Sean Grennan, directed by Brent A, Stringfield. With Thanksgiving approaching this is a wonderful play to en-wrap us in a sense of family, A comedy drama the play brings us from grins to poignant moments, as we identify with different elements brought forth. The theme is “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”.

both sons played by Jack Holdeman
and Alex Contreras – photo courtesy of Felicia Ann Photography.
John Wilcox as dad – photo courtesy of Felicia Ann Photography.

I was at Stater Bros before the show and heard a young woman saying the show was extremely funny but not for the sensitive, I agree this is a play my mom would call sacra-religious. We are Catholic as is the family the show revolves around/ But I believe you have to be able to laugh at your beliefs, and God gave us the ability to laugh for a reason.

The play is all about family. The dynamics of a husband, wife, and their three adult children. Two sons and a daughter, as they celebrate the holidays over the years. The move through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter, over a forty year span. One holiday per scene with ten years in between.

both sons played by Jack Holdeman
and Alex Contreras – photo courtesy of Felicia Ann Photography.

Jack Holdeman, plays the oldest son Rick. I feel his character had the most growth. He did an excellent job aging, and stayed very true to character, Linda Englund, portrayed the mom Ruthie. Probably the most difficult role. She also did a fabulous job, reminding me of Mona from the old television “Soap”, if you remember that one. John Wilcox, took on Dad, kind of a background role, always giving ground to mom type, until he finally takes a stand. Probably a tough role in it’s own way. Wilcox nailed the role. Then we have Shelby Blackwood, as Maddie, the picked upon daughter. Also a strong role Blackwood made look easy. Father Tom. the good son, was played by Alex Contreras. Holding his own in this strong family cast. Last but not least we had the entertaining housekeeper Hazel, played by Michele Dixon. Not really a part of the family or play per- se. But she had the difficult job of having all eyes on her alone as she came on between scenes cleaned up, and changed out the Holiday decors, all while keeping us enthralled. Quite entertaining. I’m sure this was something added in for this production and it was a wonderful touch. The audience loved her..

Jack Holdeman – photo courtesy of Felicia Ann Photography.

While waiting for the show to start and enjoying the set, I overheard another patron (an older gentleman(, saying he always loves the PowPac sets. This set was no exception. Everyone who sees the shows love these sets.

Shelby Blackwood and Linda Emglund – photo courtesy of Felicia Ann Photography.

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Find a relative you recognize and learn some insight into handling the holidays or not?

Famous Fantasia dip scene – photo courtesy of Felicia Ann Photography.


Making God Laugh
Nov.10 – Dec. 17, 2017
PowPac Community Theatre
13250 Poway Road
Poway Ca 92064
858. 679.8085


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