8 Korean BBQ Review – An Elevated Take on An Los Angeles Favorite

Try Not to Lick the Screen!
The Famous 8 Korean BBQ!

It’s undeniable that Korean BBQ has been the foodie go-to for quite some time in Los Angeles. In this culinary melting pot, believe it or not there are still some concepts unlike any other. 8 Korean BBQ takes a spin and elevates your average Korean BBQ spot in the city of angels!

Bring all your friends and your taste buds, 8 Korean BBQ has taken a favorite past time and stepped it up – many notches. Savory, decadent, spicy, and down right interesting is what you’ll get when visiting the establishment.  Nestled in an strip mall like environment off of 9th and Wilshire the restaurant delivers a satisfying flair on your average Korean BBQ dishes.

The Seafood Soup is a Staple!

The restaurant is known for its  Mangalitza pork belly, which comes in 8 flavors such as:

  • Wine
  • Original
  • Ginseng
  • Garlic
  • Herb
  • Curry
  • Miso Paste
  • Red Pepper Paste
Flavors Sizzle Off of The Plate at 8 Korean BBQ!
The pork is brought out on a long platter with its marinade oozing off of the plate. Each flavor is then unfolded on the cooking pan, and looks similar to a honorable flag of flavors! Not to worry, if pork is not your thing their selection of prime beefIf you aren’t a pork fan,they have an array of Argentinian grass fed beef, USDA Prime and Japanese Wagyu beef! The beef is tender as can be and marinated to perfection. True to style the set-up is complete with many sides and dipping sauces, however, the meats are sheer perfection and tantalizing all alone.
The Beef is VERY Tender and Full of Flavor!


Besides the memorable food, one thing that sets this spot apart is its functionality and upscale setting. The ambiance is just right, and seamless for a date night or an intimate night out with friends. 8 Korean BBQ is a concept that is unique and truly delivers something for everyone.
8 Korean BBQ
863 S Western Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90005

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