Going Green Matters Review – Year 12, The Best Yet

Going Green Matters-2018
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President, Beth Drucker and friends

Go Green Wilmette and the Village of Wilmette once again presented a spectacular community fair on March 11, 2018. This was year 12 and the event was bigger and better than ever. Go Green Wilmete’s President, Beth Drucker, has led the way so that event has become the premier environmental fair in the area.  A crowd of 1400 people was in attendance and 120 exhibits offered ideas, information and “how to”. Some exhibits have been available previously while there were many new presenters. The number of solar energy exhibits was impressively large, the Go Green Café offered only healthy snacks that were free, – apples, bananas, water, coffee and lemonade all of which were enjoyed. Many attendees commented on the great attendance, the cooperative spirit and energy they experienced, as well as the new ideas they took with them.

Exhibits in the Great Hall

There was so much to see and do that I never made it to the Gillson Swim Beach parking lot to visit the hybrid and electric cars or Marcello’s solar powered food truck, which served pizza. However, in keeping with this year’s theme of “What’s Your Story?” – I did have the chance to speak with some visitors and hear their stories, and to peek at a few exhibits.

The “What’s Your Story” booth

I asked Susanne Nowicki what brought her to this event. She said that although she saw it posted as a Facebook announcement, it was the fact that she was out for a walk and happened to walk by, that brought her inside. She was impressed with the great information, the great attendance and the bike recycling booth.

Susanne Nowicki was walking by


Amit and Akank Shukla drove in from Naperville.  He works for a solar company and heard about the event from a friend. This was a first time visit.

The Shuklas came from Naperville

Alicia Seplua Wall was asked to share the exhibit she prepared for her Girl Scout Troup. Her mother and sister came to support her and loved what they saw.

Alesia Soplua Wall was invited to share her Girl Scout project. Proud Mom and sister came, too

The Little Garden Club of Wilmette booth was located nearby and this group is partnering with Go Green Wilmette in the May 12th sale of native plants. Little Garden Club is focused on promoting the planting of native plants to provide food and habitat for nature’s creatures while looking great and making gardening easy.

Little Garden Club of Wilmette, Edie Rowell, Tom Moore and Jan Marsh


Another exhibitor was Patrick Donnelly who is part of a group working toward saving

Patrick Connelly and colleagues from Evanston Lakehouse and Gardens

theformer Evanston Art Center Mansion. “Evanston Lakehouse & Gardens is comprised of a volunteer group of Evanston community members concerned with restoring this landmark property for future generations of Evanston residents while creating an economic engine for long-term financial sustainability. We understand that adaptive reuse and repurposing of Evanston’s historic Harley Clarke property and Jens Jensen gardens brings tremendous opportunity for exciting educational programs that leverage the incredible natural surrounding of Harley Clarke’s unique landscape.”

Evanstonlakehouse website


Standouts were:

Reminding us of the vast amounts of plastic litter









Solar, solar, solar







Collective Resource



Karen Glennemeier, Volunteer organizer, said that, “We believe everyone came away with new ideas for making our communities more sustainable and new energy for the good work ahead.”  Everyone I talked with was thrilled to be in a place that was so positive.  Join in next year.



More information about Go Green Wilmette at the gogreenwilmette website

Photos:B. Keer


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