2018 Mother’s Day Fitness & Sports Gift Guide – Great Products For the Active Mom!

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All items listed from most to least expensive.

Yuba Electric Boda Boda

The new electric cargo bike from Yuba is great for active families on the move. The Shimano STEPS motor powers the bike for cruising up to 93 miles (terrain dependent). With a passenger carrying capacity of 220lbs, the kids can be transported to school, after school activities, pit stopping at the farmers market, or taking a picnic ride into the park. Great alternative to using the car!

$3,399.00  Buy now!

Black Crows ARTO SKI

Giant slalom type ski, technical and aggressive for people in a hurry and ardent supporters of very precise tracks.

$849.95  Buy now!


Following in the footsteps of its universal avatar, the modernisation of the atris birdie concentrated on three variables: lengthening the radius, softening of the flex and accentuating the progressive rise of the tail. Due to this modernisation, the ski is more stable at high speed and edging without altering its handling and playful character. Lighter and subtly more supple in relation to the new atris, the atris birdie the obvious choice for freeriders looking for a ski which is effective in all snow conditions, whether hard or deep.

$769.95  Buy now!

Tentsile Safari Connect Tree Tent

Tentsile Tree Tents were conceived as tree houses that you could take anywhere – from camping to festivals and backyard adventures. Their “tree tents” offer an incredible way to experience a whole new level of freedom.  A cross between a hammock and a tent, these robust suspended sleepers consist of a flat and firm surface that attaches to three trees. Its bug-netting roof allows for stargazing, and insect-free sleeping. An additional rain fly adds protection and privacy.

Consider Tentsile’s newest offering, the Safari Connect. Built to house 2-4 occupants, the tents feature a variety of entrance options and internal configurations built with generous hammock berths and storage space. The interiors are completely insect proof and rain proof with its no-see-um mesh yet the entire tent can be easily covered by a clip-on rainfly. Constructed from a high quality UV resistant fabrication and secured by heavy-duty ratchets and seat belt grade webbing, these tents can be left in place for months and are designed to weather the elements. The entire unit packs down into it’s own portable bag and set up takes just 15 minutes. Go ahead and set up your next luxury Glamping zone!

With every tent purchased, Tentsile plants eighteen new trees with WeForest, an international non-profit with large-scale sustainable reforestation. Tentsile is an award-winning brand, a recipient of the 2015/2016 ISPO Brand New Award as well as the German Design Council’s gold award for ground-breaking design in the sports, outdoor activities and leisure field.

$750  Buy now!


Unchanged design for this refined jacket with two very functional big front pockets. This collection is enriched with more urban and timeless colours. The meeting of the high technicality of mountain skiing and the black crows’ aesthetics.

$599.95  Buy now!

IfOnly Learn to Use Wild Plants on This Magical Nature Walk

Learn to Use Wild Plants on This Magical Nature Walk – Come play in nature. Do you love plants? Would you like to view them in a whole new way? Get out into nature and learn about local wild medicinal plants through direct experience.

The Experience – For this experience, you will gather at Malibu Creek State Park and begin with short introductions and what to expect. You will then take a short hike and settle at a chosen location. Sit on the Earth barefoot, in a circle, and enjoy a short tea meditation where you will meet the chosen plant for the day. You will then make your way down to observe the physical plant and talk about its medicinal value, its history in folk herbalism, common uses and other ways to work with it. Then return to the circle and use the plant to make something you can take home. Once you are done, you will be free to explore the beauty of Malibu Creek on your own and immerse yourself in the relaxing vibe that the Earth naturally provides. Benefiting The Adventure Project.

$350/person  Buy now!

Join the Founders of Goat Yoga Las Vegas for a Private Feeding and Yoga Session with Baby Goats

A perfect way to escape the norm, come spend time with Las Vegas’ favorite baby goats in a private outing that includes time to mingle, feed, take photos and of course, do yoga together. This experience is one of many options from IfOnly, a service that offers one of a kind experiences you can’t find anywhere else. Their Mother’s Day store has tons of unique options for mom. Plus, a portion of every purchase goes toward charity.

$150/person  Buy now!

QardioBase 2 Wireless Smart Scale and Body Analyzer

QardioBase 2 is a smart scale and body analyzer that helps you monitor your weight and take care of your body by giving you valuable insights and helping you reach your goals.

$149.00  Buy now!

KINONA Smooth Your Waist Golf Crop Pant

KINONA’s Smooth Your Waist Golf Crop Pant will be your new favorite golf pant! While this shape-smoothing pant may feel like magic, its powers actually come from a wider waistband designed to smooth your middle, and side panels that give your legs a longer look. Store your credit card in a front pocket, your tees in holder loops and your ball markers in the back slit pocket. To top it off, this pant’s fabric boasts UPF 50+ protection.

$129  Buy now!

Corc Yoga

I am an adventurer at heart and last year discovered how beautiful Portugal is. After my first visit, I fell in love with the people and was compelled to start a business where I could give back to them. While I was there I learned Portugal’s forests produce half of the world’s supply of cork and there are many amazing products that can be made from cork. I found a 3rd generation Cork expert to partner with to develop an environmentally friendly, organic yoga mat. My hope is to allow the adventurer in you the ability to practice yoga wherever you are.

$119  Buy now!

Fanstereo Eirs

Fanstereo’s wireless in-ear headphones are a perfect mix of modern elegance and reliable optimized sound quality. Both slash proof and water resistant, the Eirs are ideal for outdoor activities, while its superior Bluetooth and noise cancelling functions allow users to stay focused with no interruptions.

$109  Buy now!


The Sportee is the perfect full coverage sports bra for any kind of activity, keeping you fully supported, comfortable, and smooth all over, especially when you need to minimize bounce and avoid the dreaded “Uniboob”. It’s made from a cool-tex moisture-wicking nylon-lycra fabric in front, and a unique, breathable mesh back, a perfect combination during your workouts or favorite sport. And like all Shapeez bras, our patented smooth-back design eliminates visible bra lines and back bulges, giving you the smoothest appearance from any angle. Get your Shapeez on and look thinner instantly! You’ll love feeling your confident best.

$79.00  Buy now!

BUBS Naturals

BUBS Naturals is grass fed, pasture raised collagen protein powder for better joint health, faster recovery, stronger hair/skin/nails, improved gut health and more!

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. With age, the body’s production of collagen slows down. Collagen’s essential benefit is promoting health and healing from the inside out. Scientifically speaking, our collagen peptide amino profile kicks ass. For example, the amino acid glycine found in collagen supports detoxification and metabolic functions. In short, BUBS uses nature to fight the aging process.

$43.00  Buy now!

Leus Yoga Mat Towels

This gift is ideal for the Yogi mother or the expecting mother-to-be who LOVES yoga. Not only are LEUS Yoga Mat Towels cutely designed, but are also made with soft, super absorbent material that is perfect for that relaxation workout.

$39.99  Buy now!

Polk Audio BOOM Bit

The Polk BOOM Bit is the world’s first truly wearable Bluetooth speaker that clips securely to your clothing and seamlessly integrates with how you move, safely balancing all your audio with your immediate surroundings. It features a durable enclosure, spring steel clip, speakerphone capability, and a standard USB for on-the-go charging.

The BIT is perfect for the active mom. Whether she wants to enjoy some tunes while running around the house, or during her outdoor exercises, the BIT can easily be clipped onto her apparel. Consider creating a playlist of mom’s favorite songs to go along with the BIT for the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

$29.99  Buy now!


Joriki is a high-end brand of unique yoga apparel. Social consciousness is the fabric of our brand, and a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to support a carefully selected set of organizations that fight global poverty. We draw our inspiration from around the world, and with each purchase, our customer will be giving back into those communities that desperately need assistance. Joriki is the strong, individual power that arises when the mind unifies in Zazen concentration. This unique focus enables instinctive action. The yogi who has developed Joriki is free and in control of herself and her circumstance.

$28-$128  Buy now!


Top quality fog free lenses, face and eye UV protection, 100% Phthalates free.  Kids can put these goggles on by themselves with no need for any adjustments.  Don’t pull your hair or hurt the nose bridge. Just put on a smile : ) Fun, colorful designs to make your kid stand out in the pool.  Safe for kids and the environment. Can be personalized with names or company logos. Easy care: gently hand wash with fresh water; after each use allow to air-dry completely.  These cool looking Neoprene masks are sure to put a smile on every face and allow the kids to go undercover, underwater.

$25  Buy now!

Coobie Seamless Bra

Snap back at bra straps with the ultra-comfy Coobie bra! This bra features a racerback style with adjustable straps to keep as much weight off of your shoulders and back as possible keeping you comfortable all day.

$20.00- $22.00  Buy now!

Great Soles

The best non-slip grip socks for all lifestyles! Custom molded grip provides stability for yoga, dance, barre, pilates, or just relaxing around the house! Compression around the arch provides support and greater recovery to sock shape for optimal fit. The natural cotton blend keeps feet cool and comfortable and the “never-slip” strip keeps socks in place!

$12.00-$16.00 Buy now!

Hex Performance Laundry Odor & Stain Fighter Spray

HEX solves stink & stains. First, we started with our odor-eliminating laundry detergents. HEX Detergent deep cleans and protects your everyday laundry, keeping your family looking and smelling good.

And now, we’re launching a new stain fighter spray. For those pesky set-in stains in clothes and particularly smelly spots, a stain-remover spray is necessary. So we developed our own unique formula.

$6.99  Buy now!


*All images courtesy of respective companies. – Splash Magazines is not paid for this content though some of the items are linked to affiliate links.

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