2018 Father’s Day Technology Gift Guide – Great Gadgets For Any Dad!

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All items listed from most to least expensive.

IfOnly’s Pilot a Giant Robot – Solo Experience

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Suit up and strap into one of the most incredible pieces of technology created by man. Riders will be piloting the Eagle Prime, a 12-ton, 16 ft. tall, 430hp fighting machine- fresh off its victory over Team Japan’s fighting robot.

After a short safety briefing, you’ll take a shop tour, and meet some of the crew members before driving the Eagle Prime. You’ll be in the front-facing gunner position while a pilot accompanies you from the rear. Feel free to take selfies in the robot and you will be sent off with some giant robot swag. Benefiting Waterkeeper Alliance.

$1,250  Buy now!

Casio Advanced XJ-F210WN LampFree Projector

Casio’s LampFree® projectors feature affordable and innovative technology that enable consumers to have a quality movie theater experience without ever leaving their own home.   Casio’s XJ-F210WN, part of its Advanced Series of projectors, produces optimal visuals and enables consumers to enjoy the latest award winning cinema with ease. By combining a laser and LED light source, Casio LampFree projectors are a high-brightness, mercury-free tool that use half the amount of power per unit than its traditional lamp-based counterparts.

The XJ-F210WN comes equipped with a 20,000-hour estimated operating life and reaches full brightness in as fast as five seconds from the time it is powered on. In addition, it can be powered off with just the push of a button and can be used right away when powered back on, with no cool-down period needed. Its dust resistant design allows it to operate for a long period of time without dust lowering the projection brightness. When it comes to connectivity, the XJ-F210WN features two HDMI terminals as well as a USB power supply.

$1,049.99  Buy now!


The newest addition to the PRO TREK Smart series of wrist watches features a fluorite white color scheme inspired by crystalline fluorite and provides an accent to colorful outerwear. Only 1,500 WSD-F20WE timepieces are available with this worldwide release. The WSD-F20WE white color features a clear-coat to give a deep multi-layer finish with crystalline-like depth. In addition to the new colorway, the new watch display called “Journey” is also now available from Casio. Making travel even more fun, the “Journey” watch display shows a map of the wearer’s current location in the background of the analog-style watch display. When events with locations are saved to Google Calendar, the watch will display up to three upcoming events and a map of the next scheduled destination. Users can save desired locations beforehand from an itinerary, such as outdoor destinations or sightseeing spots, so that they always have a view of the next stop, with a map to guide them.

$500.00  Buy now!

Master & Dynamic MW50+ Wireless On-Ear + Over-Ear Headphones

Premium audio company Master & Dynamic has recently released its most versatile headphone. Featuring, for the first time, both on-ear and over-ear ear pads, the magnetic lambskin and memory foam earpads can be switched from one earpad to another, offering seamless customization and an uncompromising acoustic performance. The MW50+ is available in three core colorways: silver metal/black leather, silver metal/brown leather, and black metal/black leather.

$399  Buy now!

Catchbox Pro

Catchbox – the first throwable microphone – takes the form of a plush cube that can be tossed around like a beachball or frisbee. Simply catch the cube, say your piece, and then lob it to the next person with his or her hand in the air.

$399  Buy now!


Casio’s new WSD-F20A PRO TREK Smart Watch offers the hallmark features outdoor enthusiasts have come to know and at a lower, more affordable price point. Powered by the Wear OS by Google operating system, users can tap into low-power GPS and full color maps with navigation even when the watch is offline. Maps downloaded ahead of time can be accessed on the watch to guide users on their adventures. The WSD-F20A supports a wide range of outdoor and water activities and can be used in areas without cellular service, freeing up users to fully enjoy their adventures. Casio also signed on nine major app companies to provide popular outdoors and sports apps with a global reach. These apps are showcased in the “Featured Apps” list on the device for users to download and include ViewRanger, Hole19, Fishbrain, and more.  

Designed with indigo accents, a soft black urethane band and buckle, button guards, a protective bezel, and three large side buttons, the WSD-F20A offers an enhanced design and operability, making it an essential piece of everyday gear.

$399  Buy now!


Equipped with a variety of new technology and features while sporting a clean, mid-size case with dynamic design, Casio’s EDIFICE EQB900DB-2A makes a statement on the wrist of any consumer. The EQB900-2A is connected via Casio’s Smartphone Link capability, which means that this timepiece will automatically pair with the wearer’s smartphone by pressing a dedicated Bluetooth® connection button. An Accurate Time System automatically connects to the internet via the wearer’s smartphone four times a day to acquire timekeeping information and keeps the watches time, time zone and DST settings accurate. In addition, Tough Solar functionality enables the timepiece’s batteries to charge via solar panels on the watch. Other features on the elegant EQB900-2A include Phone Finder, Super LED Light, one-push reset, 300-city world time, and water resistance up to 100 meters, and more.

$320.00  Buy now!

Covr Dual Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System

Introducing the COVR-C1203 AC1200 Dual Band Whole Home Wi-Fi System, the seamless Wi-Fi solution that’s the perfect fit for your modern home. It features three high-performance Covr Points that blanket every square inch of your home with high-speed AC1200 dual-band Wi-Fi as well as two on-board Gigabit Ethernet ports (per unit) for wired connectivity. With Covr, you enjoy Wi-Fi that’s stable, consistent, and truly seamless. With COVR-C1203, D-Link has got you Covr’d.

$249.99  Buy now!

Guardzilla 360 HD Security Camera

The Guardzilla 360 HD Security Camera is the first and only Wi-Fi security and monitoring solution that delivers a live 360-degree HD field-of-view, ensuring every inch of the room is secure. Featuring Precision PIR motion sensors, the Guardzilla 360 HD Security Camera captures movement in every direction and instantly sends dad push and email alerts. From the palm of your hand, this security and monitoring solution offers two-way communication, dedicated call buttons, night vision and auto-arm, so dad can automatically arm the home when leaving and disarm when returning.

$229.99  Buy now!

AZIO Retro Classic

Inspired by vintage typewriters and crafted with ultramodern features, the Azio Retro Classic keyboard is the perfect amalgam of past, present, and future. A backlit mechanical keyboard with round keycaps that evoke nostalgia of yesteryear complemented with durable Zinc alloy frame and a sumptuous genuine leather surface. Both Windows and Mac layouts are fully supported. 

The mechanical keys are tuned to be tactile and “clicky”, reminiscent of the vintage typewriter. Each mechanical switch is customized so that the backlight LED is in the center of each key, allowing the keyboard to illuminate evenly and beautifully.

$219.99  Buy now!

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

Add some color to dad’s gaming setup with the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB. Equipped with easy-to-use HyperX NGenuity software, dad can customize per-key lighting and save up to three profiles so he’s ready to game, even on the go. This keyboard’s solid steel frame provides sturdy, stable controls even when dad is frantically spamming actions. The Alloy Elite RGB features a comfortable, detachable wrist rest and optional HyperX textured, titanium-color keycaps designed to help dad find the most important keys faster.

$169.99  Buy now!

Casio PRIZM fx-CG50

Casio’s new PRIZM fx-CG50 offers expanded features including the ability to easily draw 3D graphs such as planes, cylinders and spheres, and view them from various angles in order to better analyze their shape. A cross-section option and a special zoom function enable students to further examine the graph for even greater analysis. The fx-CG50 is also jam-packed with features that enable students to solve the most challenging equations and enhance their understanding of mathematics. In particular the Picture Plot function enables users to plot graphs over pictures of real-life scenes and offers a color LCD with a full textbook-style display. Additionally, the PRIZM includes a multitude of functions that leverage the color LCD in graphing objects like dotted lines, circles and bars, and grid lines.

$119.99  Buy now!

HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX Cloud Alpha is the first-ever gaming headset featuring dual chamber technology, creating a fully immersive listening experience. Cloud Alpha delivers incredible audio distinction and clarity, providing dynamic and powerful sound. This headset features HyperX’s signature and ultra-comfortable memory foam, premium headband with a softer, more pliable leatherette, enhancing dad’s PC, console or mobile gaming experience.

$99.99  Buy now!

HyperX Pulsefire Surge

Give dad both style and substance with the HyperX Pulsefire Surge. Leveraging pinpoint accuracy and spectacular 360-degree RGB lighting, Pulsefire Surge is designed to meet the needs of gamers and gaming dads looking for precise and consistent performance. This gaming mouse comes equipped with large skates to allow for a smooth, controlled guide. Responsive Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks ensure that dad’s click will definitely register once he has that headshot lined up.

$69.99  Buy now!


This handy little tool allows users to store not just their keys, but also select a variety of add-ons from a screwdriver and folding knife to a USB flash drive. With its easy assembly, lightweight aluminum frame, and stainless steel finish, it is a tool for everyone that’s built to last. Never again will your dad struggle with a mess of metal taking up valuable space in his pocket or the distracting rattle of keys. KeySmart can hold up to 14 keys and even offers an expansion pack to carry whatever else he needs.  

You can get KeySmart in a variety of colors for only $19.99, and if your dad is prone to losing his keys, you can opt for or the KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location Tracking, which costs $59.99 and includes a free bottle opener.

$59.99  Buy now!

StingRay Shields Antenna

The StingRay Shields Antenna were designed by a team of engineers to reduce the absorbed radiation emitted by a wireless device. This radiation is measured by the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), which is the level of the rate of RF (radiofrequency) energy absorption by the body from the source being measured — such as a cell phone. Protect your Dad today with StingRay Shields Antenna.

$49.95  Buy now!

Newbery 8 iPhone 8 Case

Arguably, there is no other full time on-the-daily accessory that speaks to your personal style like a phone case. The Newbery is designed to fit your iPhone snugly while maintaining its clean and sleek silhouette. Better still, it has a discrete card holder to stash I.D for easy access. Available for iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, and iPhone X.

$45.00  Buy now!


SafeGo designed a portable and lightweight travel safe, functioning as both an outdoor key safe and a custom combination lockbox all-in-one.

$39.95  Buy now!


Xtra-PC is a flash drive USB that plugs in to your PC or Mac. Built on the proven foundation of Linux, it bypasses the old, slow, bloated Windows operating system to make your PC into a blazing fast, high performance PC with a new, simple to use, operating system that has the familiar look and feel of your Windows PC or Mac OSX. On average Xtra-OC can extend the life of your old computer by five years. The most critical computer failures are usually hard disk crashes and the device bypasses the hard drive so the life is extended many years. It even works with missing or faulty hard drives. Since it runs on a USB stick, your existing computer is not altered, and youʼll have access to all of your old files. You simply plug it in, restart your PC to boot into USB, and start using Xtra-PC! Xtra-PC is easy to use and made for speed.
For more information visit: www..xtra-pc.com

Disclaimer:  PCs made after 2004 work with Xtra-PC (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,8, 10). Most Macs made after 2011 will work with Xtra-PC.  Xtra-PC runs from the USB slot so you don’t even need any operating system to be currently working on your computer. Your computer must be able to boot from USB. Most computers made after 2004 will boot from USB

$34.99-$79.99  Buy now!

Cube Tracker

With the Cube Tracker, just tag, ping and find. Use it to find your keys, phone, purse or jacket. When that thing is lost, ping Cube with your mobile phone to make it ring. You can find your phone with Cube Tracker too by simply pinging your mobile phone with the button on Cube. Cube will make your phone ring even if your phone is on silent! This cool, innovative way to keep track of your important things makes your busy life so much easier.

$24.95  Buy now!

Bambino Gift Card

A gift card to Bambino, a babysitting app that using a private social network, connects you to a community of parents looking for recommended sitters that are trusted by friends and families right in their own neighborhood. All-star mom, Gwyneth Paltrow even revealed it as one of her fave mommy items in the latest Goop This & That newsletter! Bambino connects parents with sitters that friends have used and recommended. Bambino also tracks the duration of the sit and, once the job is done, parents can pay the sitter right through the app.

Price Varies!  Buy now!


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