Opium Review – Take a Raunchy Crazy Ride in Outer Space

Speigelworld Goes Interplanetary with New Las Vegas hit

Photo by Dianne Davis
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Opium: It’s campy. It’s crazy, It’s fun and funky. It isn’t for everyone.  If you enjoyed Absinthe (a Speigelworld creation) which has been entertaining Las Vegas audiences for seven years in a huge tented theater in the front of Caesar’s Palace, then check out Opium at the Cosmopolitan. It’s Las Vegas, so the show includes a variety of acts. But not always the usual ones.


Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ erikkabik.com

A sword swallower – first time we’ve seen one of them in Vegas up close and personal.  How the heck does he not only seem to swallow a straight sword, but a twisted one as well?!

Yes, those are her legs.  She is in there! Photo by Dianne Davis


A woman who ends up in a huge balloon. Yes, really. Right before our eyes she goes in head first until she is entirely in the giant balloon.

A Juggler. A guy who says, “I never ever do cocaine, but I do like the smell.” and “We’re gonna need to see your dick.” Get the picture? Not for immature audiences.

Opium Photographed by Erik Kabik








Scottie, the maintenance man is the best male Hula Hooper we’ve seen. I mean – 20 hoops at once! Photo by Dianne Davis


A guy named Yuri does a balancing act with a chihuahua named Sputnik. Photo by Dianne Davis


Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ erikkabik.com

You get an inkling of what’s coming when you meet Captain Ann Tennille. Then there’s Leslie the Activities Director who says, “I’m not a ho, just the right amount of slutty.  And the announcement that “The whole crew is available for casual sexual encounters after we land.” And then a child is born on the spaceship. An alien child.




Music, dancing, merriment, encouragement to consume alcoholic beverages — it is all there. Video by Dianne Davis

Dusty Moonboots belts out a few tunes.  Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ erikkabik.com

The premise is absurd. A space ship called Opium is traveling to Las Vegas. No, this isn’t about drugs although you might want to ingest some legal weed prior to seeing the adults-only show. “Opium” is the lengthened version of Orbital People Mover 4.2 (OPM 4.2), which is the name of the spacecraft.  

What, you think I should have told you this sooner.  Oh really.  Structure? Order? IF you think so, maybe you don’t belong at this show.  The guests in the 262 seat theater are taken for a ride that is out of this world. You will meet an outrageous assortment of characters who are the passengers and crew. There is a scene involving bananas but we aren’t even going to discuss it. It’s too mushy.    

Audience members are brought into the act Photo by Dianne Davis


 Bottom line: Prudes stay away. The comedy is raunchy and edgy (translate- sometimes vulgar but so entertaining), the musical numbers played by The Many Moons Band are well done, and the show is hilarious. Shoot into outer space with Opium at the Cosmopolitan. For more show times and ticket information visit SpiegelworldOpium.    Enjoy the voyage!



Opium Photographed by Erik Kabik

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  1. This was a great write up about this show. It was definitely very entertaining, raunchy and fun at the same time. A must see show!

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