Fifty is the New Thirty – See the Reasons Why

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I hear everyone saying that! But what does that mean? Do fifty year old men now act and dress to look like today’s thirty year old millennials? Do they now wear beards, a man bun, yoga pants and have they become weekend warriors to feel and look like they are thirty? Is that what this really means?

Or rather, has science found a way to morph a 50 year old mans biologic age to that of a 30 year old’s physiologic age?

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Anti-aging medicine along with minimally invasive aesthetic treatments provide for this transformation. These cutting edge therapies help to not only slow the aging process but also aid to reverse the signs of aging.

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Bio-identical hormonal optimization and not just sheer replacement, is one of the key drivers for mens vitality and vigor. As men age, there is a progressive reduction in the production of the male sex hormone, testosterone. This reduction is made more problematic due to a progressive increase in estrogen which is derived from todays food sources such as meat, dairy and soy. The excess estrogen becomes stored in a mans fat cells and over the course of time it becomes an endless pool of estrogen in a world of diminishing testosterone. This imbalance, when coupled with a high stress environment and diminished REM sleep causes excessive release of stress hormones such as cortisol. At this point, the battle is lost…. Cortisol stimulates more abdominal fat deposition, and a further reduction of natural hormones that are critical to youth and well being. This is an destructive self feeding cycle.

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As a result, men are battling this by taking plant based bio-identical hormones to replace their depleted hormones. In conjunction, they are reducing their cortisol levels through a combination of dietary changes, exercise, meditation and natural cortisol reducers and blockers. These men find new strength, less brain fog, vitality, and energy. Their overall well being stimulates them to do more enjoyable things, eat better and further want to improve their appearance through other modern day techniques to help them look as young as they feel.

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With advents in laser and radio frequency technology, men are having their skin resurfaced to get rid of sun spots, lines and wrinkles. More and more men are using Bo- tox and dermal fillers to prevent and reduce lines on the forehead and fill in ares of facial fat loss and turgor. With cutting edge hair transplant systems ones mane is redefined to a newer and more youthful hairline.

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Given all these improvements, Fifty is the new thirty. Better yet, with prevention, 30 will remain thirty for the next two decades.


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  1. I think that 50 today is what 30 would have been in 1765. And 70 is what 40 would have been. I think even in the last 75 years since the aftermath of WWII we’ve been living longer healthier. This is because of gradual median improvement in genetics and an easier lifestyle than generations past.
    So yea 50 is the new 30, maybe even the 30 of 1975.

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