Getting the Band Back Together Review – “Battle of the Bands” on Broadway

Manu Narayan, Jay Klaitz, Paul Whitty, Sawyer Nukes, Mitchell Jarvis PHOTO CREDIT: © Joan Marcus, 2018
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Picture this:  A 40-year old banker/stockbroker, Mitch Popadopoulos, (Mitchell Jarvis), has reached his midlife.  Now, he’s out of work.  Plus, he has no place to live.  So, our out-of-work 40-year old has no choice but to move back to Sayreville, New Jersey.  It’s where he grew up; it’s where all his friends still live.

Paul Whitty, Marilu Henner, Taylor Nunes, PHOTO CREDIT: © Joan Marcus, 2018

By the way, his mother, Sharon Popadopoulos (Marilu Henner), still lives there too and happens to have spare room for her returning son.  Unfortunately, her home is being foreclosed and maybe, just maybe, Mitch can help.

Mitchell Jarvis, PHOTO CREDIT: © Joan Marcus, 2018

The high school band, Juggernaut, consisted one friend, a dentist, Rummesh “Robby” Patel (Manu Narayan), another friend, a cop, Sully Sullivan (Paul Whitty), and a math teacher, Bart Vickers (Jay Klaitz), who not only hates math, but isn’t very good at it.  Unfortunately, one of the best band members, the lead guitarist passed away.  “You can’t have a band without a great guitarist,” so the interviews begin.  The winner is, Ricky Bling (Sawyer Nunes), who is young enough to be the son of any of the other members of THE BAND.  But he’s a darn good guitarist and, by the way, he can entertain at an Orthodox wedding with some of the best rap I’ve heard.  Getting the men together with the women takes a lot of work and talent.  I’ve been to Orthodox weddings and the entertainment is usually ‘not rap.’ Here, it works.

Tamika Lawrence, Sawyer Nunes, Jay Klaitz, Paul Whitty, Manu Narayan, Tad Wilson (seated)  PHOTO CREDIT: © Joan Marcus, 2018

Just how these wild and crazy guys wound up ‘bringing the band back together is a fun, entertaining, laugh-a-minute musical about, well, Getting the Band Back Together, after over 25 years.

Jay Klaitz, Marilu Henner, PHOTO CREDIT: © Joan Marcus, 2018

The BATTLE OF THE BANDS is a yearly contest and not surprisingly, Juggernaut is hoping to play AND win.  But, arch leader of the ‘other’ band, Mouthfeel, Tyger Billows (Brandon Williams), is not only vying for the same trophy, but happens to be the real estate agent that is foreclosing on Sharon’s home. A silly coincidence, but it works. The musical numbers are a hoot and there are many to entertain you.

Kelli Barrett ,Mitchell Jarvis and Cast, PHOTO CREDIT: © Joan Marcus, 2018

The cast of this show, has more energy on stage than I’ve seen in a long time.  When they are not rehearsing for the BIG showdown, they are doing great schtick.  You had a few seconds to take a breath in between laughs and when the sub-story of love- lost and love- found is told, you just ‘go with it.’  We’ve all been there one time or another.



No one cares who wins, because, in the end, everyone wins. Boy gets girl, mom gets her house, the band IS back together and much like a musical fairytale, we all walked away with a smile.  By the way, I’m more than midlife and I’ve had a dream of having lunch with Paul McCartney.  It hasn’t happened YET but maybe if I write a Broadway play………………………….

Getting the Band Back Together is playing at The Belasco Theater  (open ended)

111 W. 44th St.

Midtown West




Broadway, Musical


2 hrs. and 25 min. with intermission


Book by Ken Davenport and The Grundleshotz with additional material by Sarah Saltzberg; Music and lyrics by Mark Allen; Directed by John Rando


Mitchell Jarvis, Jay Klaitz, Paul Whitty, Sawyer Nunes, Brandon Williams, Marilu Henner, Tamika Lawrence, Kelli Barrett, Becca Kötte, Garth Kravitz, Manu Narayan, Noa Solorio, Ryan Duncan, J. Elaine Marcos, Rob Marnell, Jasmin Richardson and Tad Wilson


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