Dispatch Review – The Epitome of An Indie-Rock Jam Band

Photo Courtesy of Press HERE Publicity
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Recently LA was mesmerized by Dispatch as they performed at The Greek in LA! The band displays a perfect mix of folk with undertones of rock! They’re currently touring with Nahko And Medicine For The People and their show at The Greek could not have been any more perfect.

Photo Courtesy of Press Here Publicity

The beloved venue created the perfect atmosphere for a night to jam out. Comprised of  Pete Francis HeimboldChadwick StokesBrad Corrigan, Dispatch has quickly won over the hearts of many.

“We’ve been having such a good time on this tour together so we were looking for a song where we could invite Nahko and his entire band out to join in us on stage,” says Dispatch’s Brad Corrigan. “The idea of a live tour bus mash up came about because Nahko’s song “Manifesto” has a chorus that’s in the same key and tempo as “Letter To Lady J.” So we hit record and the rest just rolled.”

Their latest album, America, Location 12, is available now! Dispatch is the epitome of a feel good jam band and pure brilliance was displayed on stage. Trust me, if you’re ever feeling down, add Dispatch to your playlist – you can thank me later!



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