Celebrity Connected Honoring The Emmys Luxury Gifting Suite – The Place to be Emmy Weekend

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The stars always come out for the Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite and this year there were so many celebrities that you simply could not keep track of them all as they honored The Emmys at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, September 15th.

The champagne was flowing and as usual Celebrity Connected put on one entertaining event. The guests included: Shar Jackson, Leigh Steinberg, Adrienne Lawrence, Janice Dickinson and many, many more.

Leigh Steinberg and Gene Sheynis with Sportamix

Sportamix was introducing guests to their sports networking platform that enables direct communication between athletes, coaches, recruiters and fans. Sportamix allows any athlete from anywhere in the world, regardless of nationality, age, geographical location, or social status to be discovered and connected. For more information, visit: Sportamix

Rescue Brewing Company

Rescue Brewing Company was sampling an assortment of their flavorful beers including their rich and tasty chocolate porter. Guests were also gifted dog treats that are made from the spent grains that are left after each batch of beer with all of the proceeds from these going to the Upland Animal Shelter. For more information, visit Rescue Brewing Company

Livie and Luca

Inspired by a pair of hand-made shoes combined with the purpose to spread joy, Mitzi Rivas brought Livie & Luca’s first collection into the world in 2005. When her close friend, Amie Garcia, saw that first pair of shoes she fell in love and wanted to give them to her own children, and to others.  As a teacher, Amie strove to make a difference in children’s lives and she knew through these beautiful healthy shoes, that purpose would continue. The mission at Livie & Luca has always been based in these values – to spread joy and to make a difference through the creation of comfortable and whimsical shoes. For more information, visit: Livie & Luca


CG Investments (Preferred Coin Exchange)

Preferred Coin Exchange is much more than just an online coin company. We educate and guide our clients as they build their collections of numismatic coins. As time continues, we help them evaluate what they have. Finally, we help our clients determine what the best course of action is for their coin or currency collection when they feel it’s the time to transfer or liquidate. For more information, visit: CG Investments

PIECE Jewelry

PIECE Jewelry was gifting their stunning one-of-a-kind necklaces designed and created by Nate and Dana Pruitt. For more information, visit: PIECE Jewelry

Sushi Koo

Sushi Koo, located in Los Angeles, was treating guests to an assortment of fresh sushi. For more information, visit: Sushi Koo


Respekt was gifting their organic facial sheet mask. Each mask is made of organic ingredients, is vegan with no toxins and no animal testing. For more information, visit: Respekt

Kool Breeze Hats

Kool Breeze Hats live up to their name, as thanks to the little solar panel on top of each hat, the hat will have a fan blowing to keep you cool. For more information, visit: Kool Breeze Hats

Sheree Cosmetics

Sheree Cosmetics was gifting cosmetics using amazing pigmentation, all natural, cruelty free, paraben-free, all with a luxury feel – without charging an extreme price-tag. For more information, visit: Sheree Cosmetics

Kadee Botanicals

Kadee Botanicals was showcasing their luxury Australian natural plant based skincare that is focussed on celebrating the benefits of Australian plants like Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Jojoba Oil. All three ingredients can be found in the Kadee Botanicals range because of their high vitamin and nutrient content, antioxidants and natural anti-aging properties. For more information, visit: Kadee

Janice Dickinson with Kingdom of Mel

Kingdom of Mel are Pan- African and African Royalty inspired American Style Streetwear, shoes, bags and Designs by Artist and Fashion Designer Tiffany T. Hill. For more information, visit: Kingdom of Mel

House of Harris

House of Harris was showcasing their unique and beautiful products that will help transform your home or business. For more information, visit: House of Harris

Bee Waxed Cosmetics

Bee Waxed Cosmetics was gifting an assortment of their products including their Bee Relieved that helps treat inflammation. All of their products contain organic, all natural ingredients. For more information, visit: Bee Waxed

TLC Unleashed

TLC Unleashed was gifting their advanced sculpting cream that helps get rid of cellulite. For more information, visit: TLC Unleashed

Custom Creations by Cyndie

Cyndie Wade, the founder and owner of CUSTOM CREATIONS, was showcasing her handcrafted ornaments and custom hand painted drink ware that make for the perfect personalized gift. Cyndie can paint anything you can dream up by simply sending her a photograph and she then turns your vision into reality, a custom gift that your family and friends will love and cherish for years to come! For more information, visit: Custom Creations

Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair

Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair has a lot to offer in organic skincare buttercreams & macerated serum oils packed with antioxidants and other ultra-moisturizing ingredients that can benefit the skin & hair. We are a renowned organic health company focused on serving humanity with high-end products made from nature. For more information, visit: Vita-Electric

Motivation 2 Conquer

Kerrie Denton was gifting her Motivation 2 Conquer book that is full of powerful affirmations will motivate, inspire and help you to achieve success no matter what your goal is.For more information, visit: Motivation 2 Conquer

Lighthouse Roasters
Lighthouse Roasters is a coffee roaster out of Seattle and they were gifting guests coffee kits so they could brew and enjoy an assortment of their coffees. For more information, visit: Lighthouse Roasters
Jade J

Jade J was showcasing their extremely sleek and slim power bank that provides a full charge while doing it in a stylish way. For more information, visit: Jade J

Unicorn Cupcake Boutique

Unicorn Cupcake Boutique was introducing to their unique unicorn parties at their location in Scottsdale. Anything unicorn related and they will help you celebrate. For more information, visit: Unicorn

The Buttress Pillow

For more information, visit: The Buttress Pillow

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