Grill House Review – Delicious and Fabulous

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Almost every table was filled when my husband and I went to dine at Grill House at 3061 Dundee Road in Northbrook, Illinois. For me, that’s a good sign, especially since the gentleman next to us said he and his wife eat there twice a week because it’s “so delicious.”

The owners call Grill House a fast-food joint, but I felt relaxed as I had a delicious but leisurely, weekday supper there.

First, as my mother would always say when we ate at an immaculately clean restaurant, that “you could eat off the floor.” Not willing to go that route, the servers brought our food out on overfilled plates brimming with exotic flavors and spices as needed.


As I write this Grill House Review my mouth is salivating from the menu. Salads include baby beets, baby kale Caesar, orchard, grilled house, Asian and more. My Greek salad was divine as was my husbands roasted veggie salad. Then there are wraps, burgers, grill house dogs, grinders, Italian specialties, homemade gyros, souvlaki skewers, skirt steak (again, delicious), over roasted chicken and pasta. Yes, I deliberately left off some of the fabulous menu choices, so you will just have to visit and dine there often.

For larger catering, there are Grill House Family Packs starting at $45 for four people served family style. There are Family Packs serving up to 10 people.  There is a Mega Family Pack for more hungry diners which includes baby back ribs, roasted chicken, penne pasta, etc. for $165. There are also catered platters with main plates of everything from filet mignon souvlaki, baby back ribs, BBQ puled pork, to homemade gyros, Italian beef and more.

Grill House is at 3061 Dundee Road, in Northbrook. The restaurant is open every single day of the week from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM. The phone number is 847-205-2200. Visit their website for more information here.

Photos courtesy of Grill House.


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