Rick Henry Interview – Katy Perry’s Hairstylist and Joico Ambassador Dish on the Latest Trends and Timeless Looks

Katy Perry's Classic Look! Image via Rick Henry Instagram @rickhenryla
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Joico ambassador, 901 Salon and Katy Perry’s stylist Rick Henry  recently gathered at Fig & Olive Melrose in Los Angeles for to brush up on a few beauty and styling tops from Katy Perry’s stylist himself, Rick Henry. We were able to get the scoop on top-tier products, styling tips and must haves of the season. using Joico products on to leave Katy Perry with a flawless and refreshed look. Check out the below interview for tips and trends from Rick Henry!
The below has been edited for continuity purposes.
Photo Courtesy of Rick Henry!

Splash Magazines: When styling celebs, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Rick Henry: It all depends on their personal style and look they are going for. I like to create a look that is unique to them for a new refreshing style.

SM: What are your go-to products?

RH: Right now I’m obsessed with Joico’s Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam. Every blonde should be using this product. It safely takes the brassiness out of hair while hydrating it with oil. You put it in before styling for a perfect smooth finish.

SM: The ‘Blueberry Crush’ hair color that you worked on Katy Perry was a fan favorite! How did you achieve this look?

Image via Rick Henry Instagram @rickhenryla

RH: This color was so much fun to do with Katy. It’s so easy to achieve too using Joico’s Color Butters. They take only a matter of minutes to work and hydrate the hair instead of damaging.

SM: Can you give our reader’s a quick ‘How-To?’

RH: Here is the color formula:

1/2 oz of Joico Color Butter Purple mixed with 2 oz of Joico K-PAK Intense Hydrator to dilute Color Butter to the perfect purple tone Henry and Katy Perry were looking for (right on trend for Pantone’s Color of the Year!)

Apply to Clean wet hair – let it process for 10 minutes, then rinse, light shampoo and then style. Henry recommends spraying Joico Body Shake or Hair Shake and lightly tousle with fingers, to achieve Katy’s perfectly imperfect look.

Image via Rick Henry Instagram @rickhenryla

SM: What products from the line do you recommend to create a long-lasting style without the overload on product use?

RH: I would use Joico’s Hair Shake, Beach Shake and Body Shake. They’re all texturizing sprays that hold style without leaving a crunchy feeling. They add body, volume and waves that make the hair look clean and fresh.

SM: If someone wants to transition from brown to platinum, what would you recommend? Any products that you use to pre-treat the hair before making the drastic change?

RH: I would consult a stylist/ hair pro/ colorist for this rather than trying to do this yourself. This process can be very damaging to the hair so at 901 Salon we transition from brown to platinum  with Joico’s Blonde Life color  and care System to protect it.

Image via Rick Henry Instagram @rickhenryla

SM: Current hair trends and trend forecasting? What is one trend that you’d like to see come back?

RH: Going blonde is a trend I’ve been seeing happen for a while now. It seems like everyone is going light. I’d love to see some more colors. Katy and I have loved changing her to all different colors this past year.


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