“AffirmSheArt”- Celebrates the Art of Debbi Singer

Debbi Singer, Where’s My Knight 36x48 Acryllic mixed media 1 1/2 inch gallery wrapped canvas
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Debbi Singer, Peeling Back the Layers Triptych 36 x 60 Acryllic & mixed media on canvas

Debbi Singer’s recounts her incredible journey after a cancer diagnosis. “Life has a way of tapping on your shoulder and saying ‘Hey, I’m over here something is wrong, pay attention,’” said artist Debbie Singer, who is now in remission after a cancer diagnosis nine years ago. “I have learned that if I ignore it, life has a funny way of turning up the volume.”

Debbi Singer, Where’s My Knight 36×48 Acryllic mixed media 1 1/2 inch gallery wrapped canvas

Singer had rarely been to the doctor and led a healthy life style. “I didn’t even have a GP doctor,” said Singer. “All the ladies in my family live into their 100’s so I kind of took it for granted that I would too.”

She was completely shocked when a tumor on her ovary was found, but believed to be benign by her medical practitioner. She had a strange gut feeling and immediately became pro-active…she pushed her doctor to take it out. Her intuition was correct and she saved her own life.

This happened not just once, but twice. She urged the doctor to take out her second ovary and microscopic cancer cells were found…proving the importance of listening to one’s intuition. Singer went head-on into her treatment. She even had a head shaving party. Her then twenty-year old daughter would be the one to shave her head. Singer commented, “I think that was super helpful because it prepared her and my entire tribe for my baldheadedness.”

Debbi Singer, “Flowing Over” 30×40 Acrylic Mix Media on 1.5 Gallery Wrapped Canvas

“AffirmSheArt” is an artistic expression of her experience of overcoming cancer…the solo exhibition will be featured at the Upper West Restaurant in Santa Monica.

At the time of her diagnosis, Singer never dreamed of being an artist. Now she paints 3-4 times a week and said, “If I don’t, I go through withdrawals. It heals my soul.” Her family is extremely supportive and now fight over who gets which of her newest paintings to hang on their walls.

Singer commented on how impressed she was with the art on exhibit at the Upper West through the years… said she is excited to be exhibiting her art there.

“AffirmSheArt” will feature twenty works by Singer. 50% of all sales for “AffirmSheArt” will be donated to Safe Place for Youth or The Ovarian Cancer Circle. Come meet the artist and enjoy this free local Santa Monica event.

Debbi Singer, Which Way, Acrylic and Oil Pastel on 1.5 inch gallery wrapped canvas 18 x 36

“AffirmSheArt” opens at the Upper West (3321 Pico Boulevard, in Santa Monica 90404) on Sunday November 18, 2018; 4:00pm – 7:00pm. For more info, call 310 586-1111; Visit Debbi Singer’s website for more info.

All images are courtesy of the artist


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