Top 10 Five Star Resorts in the Seychelles: A Roundup

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The Seychelles Islands are themselves a five-star destination, wherever you you stay. Beautiful beaches, lapis seas, emerald hills, and the most amazing people. Still, to have the exquisite ease that only luxury accommodations provide, you really should treat yourself to the full immersion that these resorts make possible.

First of all, the Seychelles Islands are far, very far, from the US. They’re even pretty far from Africa, sitting about a thousand miles out in the Indian Ocean. Talk about getting away from everything. It takes time and effort to reach them so you have to really, really want the total escape. Plus the islands have to import most of their food, making dining expensive on top of everything else. The Seychelles are exactly halfway around the world from me in Los Angeles. If you’re going that far with that much effort, take the plunge for the full resort experience. 

All luxury hotels are not the same. It isn’t a question of some being more worth the price than others in general. These resorts know their business, and they each have a slightly different idea of what that is. They have different styles, different locations and facilities, and so different appeal. All these resorts cater to the sweet spot of their core clientele. If you’re a Hilton regular or a Banyan Tree traveler, then you already know where to stay.

But if you’re not wedded to one brand or another, this may help you sort out your preference. I toured most of these resorts with no overnight stay, so with the exception of the Savoy Seychelles, I won’t be able to give a full review. If I sampled their restaurant fare, I gave a nod to the food below.  Because of that, I’m simply going to list them alphabetically and try to give a feel for the place so you can see which of them calls to you.  A good fit to individual taste can turn a vacation into   a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true.

Banyan Tree Seychelles 

Bright white colonial design, clean lines, and light everywhere. The beach is broad and superb. The private villas have their own dipping pools and shaded sitting areas.


Lunch at the Banyan Tree was typical of the best in Seychelles cooking with cooling drinks, fresh seafood.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles  

The Four Seasons is all private villas tucked away in the greenery for a total escape from the outside world.

H Resort  

The stunning mosaics and the lobby chandelier of shells that rustle and sway with the breeze are worth a visit on the own.


Seafood sings in the hands of island cooks and a cool drink sets it off for a perfect lunch.

Hilton Northolme

The Northolme glows with signature Hilton warm wood surfaces and an idyllic setting that inspired Ian Fleming during his stay here in the 1950s. This resort is adults only.

Kempinski Seychelles Resort

Seaside feet-in-the-sand dining at the Kempinski Resort is one of the many charms of its lovely grounds and gardens and award-winning spa.


The Constance Lemuria reminds you that the Seychelles is part of Africa as well as being an island paradise. It boasts a fabulous golf course right beside its Indian Ocean beaches.
The Nest at the Constance Lemuria perches over the beach and offers the plentiful fruits of the sea on its menu. There are even a few tables among the rocks of the promontory for a private meal with a spectacular view.

Meridien Fishermen’s Cove  

The Meridien Fisherman’s Cove has a storied past both locally and as part of an Ian Fleming/James Bond connection.


The Raffles Resort says relax and enjoy with its poolside service and hillside views.

Savoy Seychelles Resort and Spa

The Savoy Seychelles has a lagoon-size pool and is a favorite for groups who want to vacation together. And if after the pool and the ocean you want more water, there’s a delicious tub to soak in.
The Savoy Seychelles buffet choices for breakfast and dinner include local Creole dishes and baked goods every day. The dinner buffet offers a different cuisine from around the world every night of the week. I particularly enjoyed the array of pickled vegetables of every type imaginable.

North Island

No listing of luxury resorts of the Seychelles would be complete without at least mentioning North Island. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available for a visit. This resort an entire private island with only x villas. It can only be reached by helicopter. It’s the place where people like the royals of Great Britain go for private getaways.

Once again, I only toured these resorts, saw the facilities, and got a taste of the ambiance. But I could see that the service aims high to give pure pleasure to guests in all of them. And the Seychelles people are everywhere warm and welcoming thanks to a healthy society that supports its people and at the same time, takes seriously its stewardship over the environment. 




all photos by Susan diRende
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