The Report Review – Adam Driver Delivers an Impressive Career-Boosting Performance

Photo Courtesy of Sundance Institute.
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It comes as no surprise that The Report is amongst the few films receiving praise from the Sundance Film Festival. Following the screening the film has already nabbed a deal with Amazon at a whopping $14million! 

Photo Courtesy of Sundance Institute 

Directed by Scott Z. Burns, the political thriller dives a little more into the C.I.A’s use of torture tactics which proved to be a major turning point for the United States. The film stars a curious, talented staffer Daniel Jones (played by Adam Driver) as he tracks his investigation to shed light on the pressure tactics such as water-boarding, sleep deprivation, as well as other questionable tactics. 

Photo Courtesy of Sundance Institute 

With plenty on the line Jones prepares a 525-page report that helps shift public support against the CIA’s use of these methods in the years following 9/11.

The film is riveting and Annette Bening and Adam Driver both delivered performances that definitely stacks up to the bill. Many are calling it Oscar-worthy while the other half may be trying to digest all that happened. 

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