A Word With Spiritual Channeler Vanessa Petronelli – Tips for Staying Balanced and Her Latest Ventures

Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Petronelli
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For over a decade, Vanessa Petronelli has been supporting high-performance leaders, visionaries and influencers in becoming more impeccably aligned to themselves, their missions and leadership by creating Soul Aligned Success.

Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Petronelli

Through her unique, accelerated Quantum Coaching method, trace-channeling events, leadership retreats, keynote speaking, intuitive workshops and transformational online programs, Vanessa’s work provides grounded, strategic results-based transformations—all through learning to embody and lead from their soul and higher consciousness.

Splash Magazines got a chance to speak to Petronelli about spiritual guidance, the benefits, and The Global Activation Channeling Event she is hosting next month!

Splash Magazines: What is Spiritual Guidance?
Vanessa Petronelli: Spiritual guidance is simply the act of getting support, wisdom and perspective around your own connection to your soul, your purpose and life overall. 

SM: The Importance of Seeking Spiritual Guidance? Benefits?
VP: Like with any important area of life, getting perspective from outside of ourselves can help us to become aware of what we cannot see on our own. Becoming aware of our blind spots and limitations. 

Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Petronelli

The tools, wisdom and practices that a teacher or guide can provide, can help accelerate one’s personal growth journey.  And all that said, I always mention that at the end of the day, it’s our own individual guidance that needs to be listened to the most. And a teacher or guide can help in the removal of the noise and confusion that can get in the way of hearing our own true essence and inner voice. 

SM: Do you feel that mental health/stability is often overlooked? And what are any tips you can share for anyone feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

VP: Yes, 100%. Mental and emotional health and well-being is such a crucial part of our overall health and well-being. Too often we prioritize physical health only and ignore mental and emotional health until it becomes overwhelmingly important and urgent to address, like after some kind of crisis. That’s why I’m a huge advocate of investing time and energy into all areas of well-being. 

Two of the biggest tools I can recommend are breath and silence. There is tremendous power in silence. Especially deliberate silence, where we consciously choose to eliminate the noise and distraction and just be with ourselves completely. Setting a timer for 5 minutes a day of sitting in silence can be very powerful. 

The next tool is putting deliberate focus on the breath. The breath is a great tool because it’s ALWAYS with us. And, again, deliberately choosing to slow our breath down has countless benefits to our body, our nervous system, our emotional well-being and our mind.

SM: How can people get into spirituality/explore their spiritual side if it’s something they haven’t done before?

VP: A genuine curiosity for spirituality is always a first step. Heading to a meditation class. Going to the bookstore and hanging out in the new age/spirituality/religion section perusing books. Attending a convention or going to a new age shop are all great initial ways to begin to explore spirituality. And following those intuitive breadcrumbs along the way. 

Whether you may be ready for clarity and have a desire to deepen your connection to the entire Universe and your true self or you know that something bigger is calling you forward and you’re ready to receive the inspiration on your next steps. Whichever the case may be, Petronelli can help you achieve your goals. Petronelli is hosting, “The Global Activation Channeling Event” on March 9th in San Diego from 11:45 AM to 4:30 PM (PST)Tickets can be purchased for the virtual stream by clicking HERE. For a chance to experience this in person please email: [email protected]

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