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Finding a great burger in Southern California is not a challenge these days, but not all burgers are created equal. Until you have tasted a burger made with grass fed beef, you simply don’t know what you have been missing. Burger Boss brings that quality to every burger they make with grass-fed goodness in every bite.

Double Grass Fed Beef Boss Burger

Grass fed beef seems like a phrase that should describe all beef, but it actually describes very little of the beef that is consumed and an even smaller amount when it comes to what is served in restaurants. If you aren’t familiar with grass fed beef, the first thing to know is that the only similarity between the two is the word beef. Steers were meant to eat grass and the fact is if they are not fed nutritious food, they won’t become nutritious food. Grass fed beef has significantly more omega-3 fatty acids and more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than grain-fed beef which can all lead to reducing heart disease risk and healthy fats are shown to help keep blood sugar level at a healthy level. While all of that is great to know, at the end of the day the difference that you will notice most is in the taste.

Burger with fresh mushrooms with a lettuce bun

The grass fed beef burger is the best choice on the menu and likely the main reason you came to Burger Boss, but they do have other great protein options including: 100% all-natural ground turkey breast, a black bean patty and 100% all-natural char grilled cage-free chicken breast. The black bean patty will make you forget about the Impossible Burger as the Burger Boss version is made daily in house with black beans, cilantro, a wealth of spices and gluten-free bread crumbs and it is simply the best tasting veggie burger around. Picking your protein is the easy part as the toppings list is so lengthy and tasty your order might take a minute or two to put in.

If you are a cheeseburger fanatic, you will be in heaven here as you can choose from American, cheddar, a blue cheese crumble, pepper jack, provolone or the flavorful smoked Gouda. You can then add a sauce, from any of the classics you already know or you can go with something such as a sriracha or sweet chili. Finally you can finish it off with toppings such as avocado, turkey bacon, an organic fried egg, grilled onions, even grilled pineapple. Other restaurants might claim to make it your way, but you are going to have a tough time finding a place with this many ways to truly make it your way.


Fries with cheese sauce, bacon and an egg

If you are ordering a burger, you simply have to order fries to go with it and Burger Boss doesn’t just do standard fries. You can choose from fresh cut or sweet potato and just like your burger, once you order, the fun begins. Almost any topping that you can put on your burger, you can put on your fries. You literally can make a meal just out of french fries. Regardless of how you like your fries, it all starts and ends with the amazing aged cheddar sauce. From their you can’t go wrong with whatever you add to your fries.

With all the seemingly countless choices of burger places that exist, trying to find the best one out there can be a daunting task. Burger Boos has made that task much easier by giving you not only an amazingly tasty burger, created your way, but also by using grass fed beef, which will benefit you long after you have finished your meal.

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