“White Men Can’t Jump” Star – Cylk Cozart Directs “Ball of Confusion”

Cylk Cozart, Director Debut - Photo by InTempest
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Cylk Cozart, Hollywood Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, Songwriter brings it back to the place of his beginning, near the Great Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee, known as “Knoxville, Tennessee”.   Young Calvin “Cylk” Cozart started acting beginning with the childhood story, “The Three Little Pigs”, according to his beautiful, Cherokee Indian Mother, Mrs. Cozart. She knew her son had a special God-given gift.

As Calvin grew, he became a football and basketball star in high school, college and later, the National Basketball Association Entertainment League (NBAE) and the NBA Summer Pro League until an injury sidelined him changing the course of his life.

The sweet memories of college and years later Inducted into the Small College Basketball Hall of Fame, received the Larry Smith Award, and set up a Scholarship in honor of his mother, Mrs. Bettie Ruth Cozart – Courtesy of King University

Cylk Cozart playing in the NBA Entertainment League – Courtesy of NBA Entertainment League

Instead of becoming a professional basketball player, he became a professional model with huge billboards across the country (GQ & Sports Illustrated Magazines)

Cylk Cozart’s Billboard Attraction – Courtesy of Cylk Cozart

as well, as acting in over 40 films and 20 TV shows – including the movie the late Basketball Legend, Kobe Bryant told Cylk that was his favorite movie, “White Men Can’t Jump”. By the way, Cylk combined films has grossed over $1 billion to date.

“White Men Can’t Jump” Cast

Now, Mr. Cozart’s life is coming full circle like a basketball, by being a director and producer with many other incentives. He wanted to return home to debut his 14 year development of his documentary movie about the History of Basketball and it’s GLOBAL Impact.

Above Click on Documentary Trailer Link

Cylk Cozart’s Special Introduction in Knoxville, Tennessee with family and friends for his Directing Debut, “Ball of Confusion” Documentary – Photo Courtesy of InTempest

Cylk Cozart enjoying the movie with family – Photo Courtesy of InTempest

“Ball of Confusion” will be released Nationwide in 2020 whether at the movies or in your home.

Cylk has portrayed basketball players; has been THREE TIME 3 Point Shooting Champion for the NBA Entertainment League; and star player in the NBA ALL-STAR WEEKEND Celebrity Basketball games. He always gives motivational, inspiring speeches to the youth at his friend, NBA Houston Rockets, Assistant Coach, Elston Turner’s Annual Summer Basketball Camp in our hometown Knoxville.

Elston Turner and Cylk Cozart, two Knoxville, Tennesseans who grew up and the whole world knows their names – Photo Courtesy of Cylk Cozart

Also, he continues to receive numerous awards and gives back from his foundation to make a difference in so many people lives.

On February 20, 2020, the Red Carpet was laid out for Director Cylk Cozart; Executive Producers Keith Zimmerman and Steven Baroue; and Co-Producers Rick Clark and Jim Johnson who presented their private movie premiere in Cylk’s hometown with two SOLD OUT Theaters at the highly, impressive Regal Cinebarre West Town Mall.

Jim Johnson, Video Production & Editor – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Their brilliant minds brought us “Ball of Confusion”. A film tracing the historical beginning of Dr. James A. Naismith, who created the game of basketball and saw his game in action at the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany in 1936. Through the many exciting years of basketball evolving, it is still uniting social and cultural differences world-wide. To see all those basketball legends on screen was a thriller such as, Oscar Robertson, Rick Barry, Michael Jordan, the Globetrotters, etc. And to see Cylk and others’ chronological experiences for the love of basketball with many surprises is worth seeing.

Michael Presley, son of the Iconic Elvis Presley,  is managed by Cylk Cozart and will be starring in a  Las Vegas Stage Concert, “Elvis Then & Now” – Photo Courtesy of InTempest

Everyone who traveled from different parts of the United States and locally were very pleased with the presentation Cylk exhibited on this dynamic, rewarding evening.

Mrs. Josephine Carter, Caroline Tate, Renee Sudderth, Renee Kelly, Toyia Lee Miller (in back) Todd Kelly and Tasha Carter were very impressed with Cylk Cozart’s documentary – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth
Renee Sudderth, Rosemary Hall, Caroline Tate, Mrs. Josephine Carter, Tasha Carter, and Jerry Hall traveled miles to be part of this special evening with Director/Executor Producer, Cylk Cozart – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

After the movie showing, the audience could not wait to converse with each other about the movie and to “Meet and Greet” their hometown hero, Cylk Cozart, in Regal’s luxurious atrium.

Connie Dunn, Kentucky Film Commissioner, Cylk Cozart, Janice Blue Williams (Mother of Chris Blue, Winner of “The Voice” and mentored by Cylk Cozart ) – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Cylk Cozart and daughter, actress Nikki Estridge – Photo Courtesy of InTempest
Cylk Cozart and his beloved mother, Mrs. Bettie Ruth Cozart with the second sports greatest artifact, the “Berg Ball”, the basketball chosen by Adolf Hitler for the 1936 Championship Olympic game in Berlin, Germany – Photo Courtesy of Intempest

Mrs. Bettie Ruth Cozart and her talented son, Calvin “Cylk” Cozart enjoying this special evening together – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Cylk Cozart, Mrs. Josephine Carter, Tasha Carter, both said the movie was outstanding, amazing and they enjoyed it – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Cylk Cozart and Carolina Tate – Mrs. Tate said, “The way Cylk tied everything together in the movie made it more interesting. It shows it’s been a long journey but done with patience and determination with beautiful results. Well Done!!” Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

Cylk Cozart and Rick Clark introduced Cylk’s New Country Road beer along with Brewmaster Marty Velas. The beer was widely accepted by movie goers and now it is served at the Regal Theater.

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Velas, the Brewmaster of Cylk’s New Country Road beer – Photo Courtesy of InTempest

After we left the movie theater, Cylk had more incentives to introduce to his family and friends so we continued the celebration.

Cylk Cozart, the manager of Singer/Songwriter Brazzy Brooks, poses with the great basketball artifact, the “Berg Ball” and later she brought the house down when she performed at the After-Party at Open Chord – Photo Courtesy of InTempest

Cylk introduced us to his tasty BLT (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato) Sandwich or (“SAMITCH” as CYLK says) and Cylk’s Tennessee Blended Whiskey

BLT, Secret Sauce, Country Roads Beer – DVD “BALL of CONFUSION” – GATEWAY Delivery 865.964.3843

Bourbon, which also makes the special sauce for his sandwiches. I guarantee once you try his products you will keep coming back for more.

Cylk Cozart – Photo Courtesy of Rick Clark

I am so thankful for the experience of this beautiful, exciting evening and watching everyone enjoy themselves.

Renee Sudderth, Splash Magazine Photojournalist and hometown native friend congratulating Cylk Cozart for his outstanding directing debut of “Ball of Confusion” that he presented to us and soon to the rest of the world – Photo Courtesy of Renee Sudderth

I am so proud of the humble spirit Mr. Cylk Cozart possesses and how he continues to show his love and passion through his many projects. What he has accomplished thus far is phenomenal. Cylk still has more goals he wishes to achieve, more historical information, many experiences to share, and more movies to direct and produce under CozArts Entertainment. Such as, “The B.B. King Story”; “James Earl Ray”; “Elvis, Then & Now” (starring Elvis Presley’s son, Michael Presley); “The Body Farm” (Horror); and “Inherit The Land”.

Inherit The Land Trailer 2020 – YouTube

After all the excitement, I asked Mr. Cozart how he felt about his “Ball of Confusion” premiere, “I feel relieved, it is finally done. It felt like a baby being born and this was the exciting day for it. I walked in both theaters to watch the people viewing my movie, I felt real happy and proud of my hometown with a great turnout. Also, how my teams contributed to the success and made me feel like I’m leaving something to respect. All the hard work was worth it.”

And for you music lovers, make sure you listen to the movie’s Title Song, “BALL OF CONFUSION” you may just hear the singing voice of not only the great Nate Evans from the Temptations, but also the lead vocalist, Director, Cylk Cozart.

So, make sure you check out his movie, sandwiches, whiskey, and beer in 2020. Cylk is still busy doing what he loves, giving back to the communities, making a difference in this world and enjoying watching his beloved mother smile.

The proudest moment a Mother and Son can share – We thank you both, Mrs. Bettie Ruth Cozart and Cylk Cozart – Photo Courtesy of InTempest

Cylk Cozart’s Career in Rewind

Cylk’s Website for his Foundation is…Keeping Dreams Alive Foundation 


Cylk Cozart giving his emotional, beautiful speech after being inducted into the Small College Basketball Hall of Fame and receiving the Larry Smith Award (November 2019)

Stay updated on Cylk Cozart’s Facebook Page


  1. VERONICA KING JACKSON – March 12, 2020, Via FACEBOOK – This is so awesome Renee. You go girl!

  2. Larry Clemons BALL OF CONFUSION, shows how BASKETBALL became The Racial Solution ! ” Great Film, ” Amazing Contributors and Directed from the Heart… A Cylk Cozart Film, destin to become as Iconic as WHITE MEN CAN”T JUMP…Ron Shelton is very proud of you Cylk, deservingly so ! 🇺🇸🏀🎼🗽

  3. TERRY CROSBY – March 12, 2020- Via FACEBOOK- Great Article Renee Sudderth and Cylk Cozart..can’t wait to see….Ball of Confusion….

  4. MICHAEL JOYCE — March 12, 2020 – Via FACEBOOK – Of course I see 2 stars in this photo! I applaud you both!

  5. RAYMOND MOSELEY – March 12, 2020 – Via FACEBOOK – You all look so cute! :)…well you do…

  6. ARETTA HOWARD- March 12, 2020 – Via FACEBOOK – He use to make me melt when we were younger! 😀😀😀

  7. CAROLINE TATE – March 12, 2020 – Via EMAIL – This is another remarkable article. I was able to be one of the members allowed to attend the preview of “Ball of Confusion.” As we waited for the movie to open, it was with great anticipation as we discussed the premises of the movie. Everyone was greeting each other and talking while several were tasting Mr. Cozart’s New Country Road beer. Mr. Cozart came into the lobby, He seemed delighted to see everyone and began to welcome everybody for attending his preview. His smile was contagious. I was not an athlete but after watching the documentary it allowed me to appreciate the history and value of basketball. Well done!

    • My husband Emmette Bryant and I had the opportunity to see this inspiring film along with the (NBRPA) National Basketball Retired Players Association during their Legends Conference that also included Rick Barry, Earl Monroe, Nate Archibald, Eldridge Recasner, Julius Irving , Major Jones, Bobby Hunter, David Naves, Howard Smith, Geoff Huston, and countless other retired NBA, ABA, Harlem Globetrotters, European Basketball players. It was actually the high point of the evening. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the presentation thank you.

  8. I was very proud to be invited to see the documentary “Ball of Confusion.” Very enlightening and historical scenes of great Basketball players of yesteryear and to hear the history of the beginning of how basketball began through the Olympics and Hitler’s reactions. This movie is very uplifting and heartwarming at the same time. The ending will cause you to smile, wipe a tear away and make you think and everyone needs to experience it. Thanks Cylk Cozart for bringing this to the big screen and Renee for the invitation. There should be an Award for this documentary in the future.

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