Nucleus Central Core Pro – The Intense Workout Made for Home

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The world has become one without gyms and one that limits workouts outside due to social distancing and quarantine restrictions. While there are a lot of workout options at home, let’s face it, trying to get it done on your own can sometimes lead to not getting it done at all. Give The Nucleus Central Core Pro 12 minutes and you are going to find that this is the workout that you will incorporate into your life well after the world gets back to normalcy.

“Nucleus is a workout for anybody, regardless of age, it improves rage of motion,” Diego Calvo creator of Nucleus said. “The hips and spine as you age get tight, using nucleus helps people to move more freely and it is only five pounds. Nucleus will adapt to the user.”

Diego with a core twist Nucleus movement

Don’t let the five pounds fool you, the weight of the Nucleus itself has nothing to do with the intensity of the workout. The Nucleus contains a patented liquid force technology that is behind the workout as kinetic energy is created by moving the amount of liquid stored inside of it. The faster you move your Nucleus, the more energy you will generate and that will stress your muscles more and increase the intensity of your workout.

Nucleus bicep exercise

The Nucleus is almost deceiving, you look at it and think that how can this be that tough. 60 seconds in you will quickly realize that this is a workout like no other. The intense movements are most definitely different that other movements and workouts and the rapid movements will leave you gasping for air the first time you try it out. The true test of the Nucleus workout will be the next day. Muscles you didn’t even know that you were working out are going to be soar. You have the ability to try multiple workouts and as you get used to Nucleus, you will be able to create more intense workouts.

“With the Nucleus there are basic workouts and then we have more dynamic workouts. You don’t need much space, you can do it in your living room,” Diego said. “The Nucleus can increase the heart rate very rapidly, for every exercise about 80% of your body is in motion, so you have many muscles working at the same time.”

A five pound piece of exercise equipment that can be used for a full-workout in 12 minutes, that is quite a bit to live up to. Nucleus lives up to those expectations in spectacular fashion. Once you try the Nucleus you will be hooked. This is a workout that can not only be done quickly at home, but one that is a great addition to your normal workout. However you plan to use it, once you pick up the Nucleus, you won’t want to put it down.

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(Photos Courtesy Nucleus)

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