Omni Power UV+ Cordless Vacuum – Taking Cleaning to a Whole New Level

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Spring means increased pollen, open windows along with fresh air, but plenty of dust to go with that enjoyable breeze coming into your home. RAYCOP’s New ‘Omni Power UV+ Cordless Vacuum’ not only cleans the dust you see, but also the dust and dirt you don’t see.


The RAYCOP Omni Power UV+ Cordless vacuum kills germs and captures 99.9 percent of particles to ensure allergens do not get released back into homes. The cordless Omni Power UV+ goes where you go, cleaning multiple home surfaces, including floors, upholstery and other fabrics—even bedding. The Omni Power UV+ allows homeowners roughly 40 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time with its strong battery life.


The RAYCOP Omni Power UV+ sets itself apart from other vacuums with the use of the patented RayClean Technology®, which is 3x more effective at capturing allergens than a regular vacuum. With 4 stage filtration, including a HEPA filter, ultraviolet light technology, pulsation and optimized suction, RAYCOP vacuums capture 99.9% of allergens to go with the easy-to-empty filter.

Making sure that your home is as clean as possible is even more important with the shelter-in-place orders nationwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 50 million Americans suffer from allergies each year. According to a new survey, 84% of allergy sufferers acknowledge suffering symptoms inside their homes, but don’t realize the major cause is actually dust mites.

“Our mission is to clean the unseen,” says Hirobumi Suzuki, CEO, RAYCOP North America. “We have incorporated our signature UV light sanitization capability, which removes 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses almost instantly making your home a safer and truly a cleaner place to live.”

If you are looking for a truly clean home, RAYCOP’s New ‘Omni Power UV+ Cordless Vacuum is the addition you need to make this spring. While nothing is 100% when it comes to clean, this is the one vacuum that is as closed to completely clean as you can get.

For more information, visit: Omni Power UV+ Cordless Vacuum

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