Stan’s Donuts & Coffee Launches New Milkshake Add On “Shock-It” to Keep You Cool This Summer!

In honor of National Ice Cream Day, Chicago’s favorite donut shop Stan’s Donuts & Coffee is turning the heat up a notch by adding a new line of milkshakes for National Ice Cream Day Weekend. Available beginning Thursday, July 16th, Stan’s Fans will have the option to blend their choice of signature Stan’s pocket donut into their shake to make a Stan’s Pocket Shake, or “Shock-It!”

Stan’s Donuts Pocket Shake for National Ice Cream Day Weekend

Pocket options include the Caramel Marshmallow Pocket, Biscoff Banana Pocket, Biscoff Pocket, Peanut Butter Pocket, Chocolate Pocket with Nutella, and the Chocolate Pocket with Nutella and Banana. The new “Shock-It” includes a quarter of the selected pocket blended into the milkshake and is garnished and topped with the other 3/4 of the donut, making it the ultimate Instagram-worthy summer drink. The “Shock-It” can be added to any milkshake for an additional $3.99. 

All of Stan’s Milkshakes are 16 ounces and come topped with a mini-donut for $5.99. Classics such as Strawberry and Chocolate, Butterfinger, Biscoff, Caramel, Nutella, Cold Brew Coffee, Oreo, and PB&J are already available at all 12 of Stan’s locations. For an extra decadent treat, all of Stan’s milkshakes are customizable with options to add extra flavors or make it a malt. Those with a serious sweet tooth can “Super Stack” it and get a second mini-donut on top for $0.99 or add on a cookie for $0.99 as well – the best of both worlds. 

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From now through July 31, all shakes are 50% off exclusively for app users daily from 2 pm-close at all Stan’s locations. Shakes are also available for delivery. 

For more information on Stan’s Donuts, locations and the milkshakes, please visit the website.

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