“Waiting For Adam” Book Review – Stories Never Before Told

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By Sherry Nelson

Waiting For Adam

“Waiting For Adam” is an animated celebration of celebrity journalist Eileen Shapiro’s expedition into the backstage secrets and red carpet antics of the most illuminated and significant celebrities while on a campaign to interview punk/pop legend Adam Ant. The book published by New Haven Publishing is set for unveiling on July 23, 2020, but can be reserved via pre-sale immediately. 

“Waiting For Adam” follows Shapiro through the inauguration of her career writing science fiction for the “Star Trek Giant Poster-Book” to her best-selling book “The Star Trek Medical Reference Manual” published at age 17. It trails her efforts through her classified involvement with the flamboyant and vibrant LGBTQ community while writing for Get Out Magazine, to the secluded and orgasmic luminary interviews as a rock star journalist writing for Huff Post, Louder Than War, Hype, Hollywood Digest, Splash Magazines Worldwide, Buzz Feed and many others, with intimate conversations all included within the pages of the book. “

While collecting credentials worthy enough to be able to do press for Adam, Shapiro procured conversations with artists including: Boy George, Emma Stone, Rachel Weisz,  Joe Alwyn, Diana Ross, Annie Lennox, Jennifer Hudson, Lee Ann Rimes, Brooke Shields, Cheap Trick, Impractical Jokers, Fred Schneider, Billy Porter, Rosie O’Donnell, Cyndi Lauper, Pink Floyd, Jane’s Addiction, Sandra Bernhard, Dionne Warwick, Tiffany Haddish, Rick Springfield, and many others. Although there are several enchanting tales regarding the actual inspiration of the book Adam Ant, it doesn’t delve into any intimate or personal facts about the icon himself. Nevertheless, fans of Adam will be happy to read his interview as well as the dialogues of others of that era such as Jordan Mooney, John Robb, Spandau Ballet, David Johansen, Marky Ramone, and more of that nature. 

The book is colorful, full of heart, and authentic. It’s humorously written, and contains secrets of the stars without prompting gossip. The manuscript chronicles Shapiro’s wild and crazy adventures through the bright lights of New York, the historic streets of London, the green grass of Ireland, the romance of Paris, the Art Deco of Miami, and the secrets of Hollywood. It’s infused with colorful pictures never before published, and stories never before told. The book is funny, shocking at times, laced with intrigue, exceptionally well written and encourages you to follow your dreams just to see where they may lead you.

Eileen Shapiro has become one of the world’s most celebrated and relevant entertainment journalists through her quest to interview Adam. She co-heads World Star PR with business partner and friend Jimmy Star. The public relations company has become one of the most elite yet inexpensive boutique PR firms globally helping all altitudes of celebrity status rise above the noise.

Photos: Courtesy of Eileen Shapiro

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5/5 Stars



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