StemCell Revive – Youthfulness Delivered Right to Your Front Door

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The benefits of stem cell treatment has long been known as having benefits that go well beyond anything you might find over-the-counter or order online. The ability to get those benefits in your home is available to you through StemCell Revive, the first in-home facial and skin treatment kit to use stem cell science to treat skin at the cellular level.

StemCell Revive Polypeptide Skin Serum

A treatment like this probably sounds not only expensive, but also complicated. As it turns out, StemCell Revive is neither of those things. The entire treatment comes delivered in one box. The never seen before concept of bringing this into the home came from Majara Belisle, founder of Las Vegas’s Espri Laser Med Spa. Majara had been providing skin care treatments for year, but it was in 2017 when she began working with non-embryonic stem cell derivatives and her own proprietary formula of all-natural peptides that she began to see truly amazing results. From there she worked with biotechnology companies to create what is now the StemCell Revive treatment.

StemCell Revive Treatment

The treatment itself takes only 20 minutes to apply at home and is non-invasive, painless and requires no recovery time. The magic of the treatment begins almost immediately once you begin using the stemcell revive pen on your skin. You use the pen to apply the Intensive Allograft Skin Serum, which is derived from non-embryonic stem cells. You begin by mixing the skin serum in mixing syringes that are provided in the kit. From there you put the mixed serum into a provided cartridge and then place that inside of the pen. You are now all set to begin your application. The pen has four speeds and once you turn it on and begin applying the serum to whatever portion of your face you would like to treat. There is quite a bit of serum and it lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes so don’t worry about limiting yourself in terms of the parts of the face you want to treat. The treatment is as easy as it sounds and it feels more like a facial treatment that is relaxing as opposed to a skin care treatment. The amazing part of StemCell Revive is that you can begin to see results the first day. Those little lines around your eyes, they will be little less noticeable. Whatever area you use the pen, you are going to see noticeable improvement.

Hyaluronic Essence Ampoules

The kit also comes with a 30-day supply of Hyaluronic Essence Ampoules. Hyaluronic acid forms an air permeable layer that locks in moisture and boosts elasticity to give the skin a more youthful appearance. After the initial treatment using the allograft skin serum, you simple use one ampoule per day for the next month by simply rubbing it in with your fingers to help maintain your youthful skin. If you normally use a high-end moisturizer, you will quickly find out that this goes well beyond any over-the-counter moisturizer.

Using StemCell Revive will help you to see improvement in a number of areas including: wrinkles, dry skin, scars, skin spots and aging skin. Once you purchase the original kit, keep the pen as you can order refills of the allograft skin serum and hyaluronic essence ampoules.

Trying to find the fountain of youth or something along those lines is becoming the norm as opposed to something that just a small faction of society are concerned about. The cost of youth is well just that, a cost and likely time consuming to go along with that. If you are looking for the fountain of youth to be delivered to your front door and at a small cost compared to what an office visit will run you, the StemCell Revive kit is the answer the answer you have been looking for.

About StemCell Revive

StemCell Revive is the first in-home facial and skin treatment kit to use stem cell science to treat skin at the cellular level. The kit’s Intensive Allograft Skin Serum and Polypeptide Skin Serum combine into a powerful formula—applied to skin via the non-invasive, painless nanotechnology of the StemCell Revive Pen—that stimulates cellular regeneration while lifting, tightening, and moisturizing facial skin. A Hyaluronic Essence complements the serums for a holistic skin care regimen. For more information, please visit

About Amnio Technology

Amnio Technology, LLC is a global leader in the development and use of amnion-derived technologies. Amniotic tissue contains key growth factors, cytokines, amino acids, carbohydrates, hyaluronic acid, extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, and cellular components recognized as intrinsic to the complex wound healing process. Amnio Technology is focused on optimizing the regenerative potential and clinical use of these unique tissues. The amniotic tissues are procured through a network of qualified and trained recovery partners, following stringent screening and recovery protocols in a highly controlled processing environment. For more information, please visit

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