Beauty Brite Founder Stephanie Fatta Shares Her Top Beauty & Self-Care Tips

Beauty Brite Founder Stephanie Fatta Shares Her Top Beauty & Self-Care Tips
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In the blogging sphere, Stephanie Fatta has made a major name for herself. She is the founder of Beauty Brite, a popular beauty & lifestyle blog that covers top makeup and skincare products, tasty recipes, helpful fitness tips, fashion, innovative tech gadgets, and much more. She is also a single mom to a teen with Autism and doing it all on her own. She documents her family life over at her personal blog, MamaHearted.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Stephanie and get her top beauty and wellness advice. She was happy to share her expertise on new beauty trends to be aware of, quick beauty tips, and must-have beauty essentials to keep on hand. She also shared her top self-care tips to help you stay balanced each day!

1. What are some of the latest beauty trends everyone should be aware of?

SF: “I think one of the latest beauty trends are beauty tools, such as the facial roller, gua sha, facial scrubber, and even heated eyelash curlers. We are all stuck at home and in many areas, spas are not open. Therefore, we’re turning to at-home beauty products.”

2. What are some of your top quick beauty tips for when you only have a few minutes to spare?

SF: “When I need to get ready in a flash, I use a foundation, lip gloss, and highlighter. I am obsessed with highlighter! I like that glow!”

3. What are some must-have beauty products you can’t live without?

SF: ”My son is a teen and we’re dealing with acne breakouts. Instead of turning to products that could potentially sting or cause irritation, I went natural. I simplified our beauty routine. We are using argan oil or jojoba oil to moisturize our skin. I love both oils because they can be used head to toe! 

For myself, I also use a rose quartz facial roller. It is such a great way for a busy parent to relax, unwind, and treat their skin!”

4. You are both the founder of and a mother–you must be so busy each day! 

SF: “I am! I love staying busy. I am a full-time single mom to a teen with Autism. I am a blogger, a care provider to my son, and so much more. I am lucky enough to have a team of women and moms who help contribute to Beauty Brite. We have a platform to share our thoughts and opinions on products.” 

5. How do you balance everything you have going on?

SF: “My best tip is following a daily schedule. I know what I have to do as a mom, blogger, and now teacher! Thank you, COVID-19! I rearrange my schedule around my son’s school lessons.” 

6. Do you have any helpful self-care tips you can share with our readers?

SF: “Always take time for yourself. Even if it’s just 10 minutes for an at-home facial or a yoga stretch! I try to find time for a facial scrub or a body scrub. I love pampering my skin with a full body scrub and body oil! It is such a treat! I also take time every morning to do a quick fitness routine. I bought a little fitness machine earlier this year and I am so glad I did.”

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