ART IS THE CURE – Start Shows Exhibits Pandemic Art in TriBeca

Start Shows Founders, Sophocles and Thais Plokamakis, curate ART IS THE CURE, October 8 - 12 at One Art Space Gallery, 23 Warren Street, in TriBeca. 
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Who knew that an art drop off for the Septemberfest Art exhibition at One Art Space Gallery, in September 2018, would be the start of something really good – namely Start Shows. Now, featuring the exciting works of a talented new artists, Start Shows Founders, Sophocles and Thais Plokamakis, gave deep meaning to the pandemic with the curation of ART IS THE CURE, open to the public October 8 – 12 at One Art Space Gallery, 23 Warren Street, in TriBeCa.

Curators/Artists: Sophocles Plokamakis and Thais C. Plokamakis, ART IS THE CURE

The art work, innovative and alive, was transformative. In but a moment inside the gallery I was struck by the relevance and importance of art – especially now. I am pleased to share what I learned, when talking with some of these exceptional artists.

Artist Larry Leventhal

“Show Starts satisfied a tremendous pent-up need to show my work and have my work seen in person,” said Artist Larry Leventhal stressing the need for this show, especially during this time. Larry’s work is rooted, first, in the desire to communicate emotionally and evoke a visceral response. And secondly, to capture the energy for the contemporary art scene. Larry, who was originally a landscape photographer, moved onto  portraits, and ultimately to photographic portraits using dye, spray paint, paper and laquer.

Artist Jesse Clemente

What does Artist Jesse Clemente say of his work? “Making a mess and sending a message to art history.” When asked, he said the inspirations for his “messes” come from Jackson Pollock, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Franz Kline. His paintings were entitled: Rorschach Test, Bleeding Hearts Club and The Last Supper.

Artist Leia Sands talked to me about her painting, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. She said, “Locked up in Covid, everything looked dark and drab. I wanted to create something bright and vibrant that brought life into a space, a sense of beauty and, as well, hope.” Her haunting painting showed a woman’s face, an American Indian- type in feeling, who sees a nature scene spill out from her dark eyes. No matter how bleak, she could see beauty around her.

Artist Leia Sands

“When I paint I never try to match the carpet or the drapes!” These were the words of Artist Richard D’Ambrosia who feels a painting is an object that you love, and should stand on its own. “Each picture I paint has a story for me, though I keep it private. No two people see the same thing.  So I concentrate on the details and backgrounds, and keep silent. Excitedly waiting to hear.” Richard has coined an impressionistic style of his ownDashillism. His vibrant colors and signature strokes create his original works. Those included at the show were Shoreham Forest, Shore Leave, Father Nature and We’re Finished.

Artist Richard D’Ambrosia

Painted recently, We’re Finished, tells the story  of a woman dressing. She adorns herself with gold jewelry as a devil lurks behind her. The demonic figure representing the current administration in Wash DC. In addition, this reporter notes another special piece painted during the pandemic, Sunrise Over City. In it, a tearful woman recovering from Covid has hope her New York will return. I am proud to say that woman is me! My journey through the virus this spring serving as the artist’s inspiration.

Sunrise Over City










Artist Emily Dyrek was elated to exhibit for the first time in New York, new to the city from Indiana. “My paintings are about identity, childhood play, memory objects and reflection. I am so very happy to start my art career here.”

Artist Emily Dyrek

In regard to observations, Artist Hector Urdaneta portrayed the mix of both the good and bad things of life. “We all face situations  that test ourselves and our emotions. To that, I use both color and black to show the span of life’s personal reflections.”

Artist Hector Urdaneta

Artist Cose TDS. might have been the only artist to have been arrested. A former graffiti artist, Cose vandalized trains and was arrested in 1983 by a team of vandal squad detectives. His inner life from that time period has now exploded onto the canvas, as Cose transitioned into galleries. His favorite piece? The Foundation, bringing the work together with the theme of spray paint.

Artist Cose TDS

Sophocles Plokamakis, an NYC artist, published illustrator and author, and Thais Coelho Plokamakis, a painter from Brazil are proud of the success of Start Shows. As Sophocles explained,” Most art created during quarantine was an expression of what was going on inside them. But thanks to Start Shows these artists have been able to take their work out, and have the golden opportunity to exhibit.”


Start Shows is company that creates art exhibitions for artists from around the World in NYC Galleries. Thais and Sophocles have helped 300+ artists exhibit and sell their art in New York Galleries, providing the opportunity to network with collectors, curators and fellow artists of many disciplines while keeping 100% of the money earned from sales of their art. Thais and Sophocles are Art teachers having taught artists of all ages how to draw and paint for many years. They are also Art Coaches who can take a professional from part time to full time artist, taking one’s art game to the next level.

Mouth artist with disability Annie Folge
Mouth artist with disability Nyree Stevens
Artist Maya Kawachi
Artist Shahnaz Rahman
Artist Natalie Minyu li

Please visit the website: Start Shows.



Photos courtesy of Start Shows and Richard D’Ambrosia.


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