Public School – Lunchtime Was Never This Much Fun

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Football is back. Brunch is back. That is one heckuva a fun start to everyone getting back to a little normalcy and when it comes to pairing the two, few do it quite as well and fun as Public School.

Fried Chicken n Waffle

Public School lives up to its name as you are going to find memories of your childhood littered throughout the restaurant, but unlike when you were younger and got homework, fun is the only thing on your schedule now. Public School 702 in Summerlin, just outside of Las Vegas, is a gigantic 14,000 square foot setting that allows you plenty of safe room to you and your group inside or out on the beautiful deck.

Brunch at Public School in terms of an education reference would be a little bit like getting some extra credit simply for showing up. The best way to experience the brunch menu is simply order everything and let everyone in your group get a bite or two of everything. The must start off brunch experience dish would have to be the eggs benedict pizza. There has been breakfast pizza before, but nothing quite so grandiose as this version. This isn’t simply a pizza with some bacon it, Public School is never as simplistic as 2+2. They load up your pizza with a rich grana padano cheese and hollandaise sauce, then top off with Canadian bacon and two sunny side up eggs. A perfectly crisp crust to go along with all those ingredients gives you a slice of pizza that encompasses all that is breakfast.

Eggs benedict pizza

If you are looking for the classic breakfast dishes, Public School has those as well in elevated fashion. The brioche French toast has that perfect lightly crispy buttered exterior, but a light and delicate interior that makes each bit perfect. Add to that the toppings that include: lemon mascarpone, macerated berries and sea salt-honey almonds and you have yourself French toast perfection. The ever popular chicken and waffles is on the menu with a juicy chicken breast in a light batter that is paired with a Belgian waffle and the combination is completed with fresh whipped cream, berries and a heavy and flavorful maple syrup.

French Toast

PB&J Old Fashioned is about the tastiest and most unique version of this classic cocktail you will ever taste. One sip in and you know you are drinking an old fashioned but the peanut butter and jelly flavor is undeniable as they combine Screwball Whiskey, Bulleit Rye and a grape jelly extract. The entire cocktail lineup is wide-ranging and flavorful, you truly you can’t go wrong with any selection. The beer portion of the bar is also incredible as they have a great selection and handles that are always changing.

The great staff at Public School 702, also super safe!

If you are looking for a memorable experience for brunch, happy hour or dinner, Public School is one restaurant that will not disappoint with food and cocktails that are as unique as the restaurant itself. If your days at school were less than stellar and you have tried hard to forget homework and detention, visit Public School and create some new educational memories that will leave you smiling.

A lesson in mixology

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