Santasia Review – Back and Better Than Ever

Lon Gowan, Chey Kennedy, Brandon Loeser, Shaun Loeser, Rusty Locke, Omar Heyward, and Darren Mangler take a bow - Photo by Brandon Loeser
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Twenty-one years and still going strong, SANTASIA has been delighting Los Angeles audiences with a hilarious sketch comedy show that focuses on the Christmas season. But, wait. Will the pandemic stop SANTASIA from continuing its holiday tradition? Happily, online vimeo has come to the rescue; and SANTASIA will keep offering its uproarious take on the holidays despite COVID-19 roadblocks. The online show will be broadcast live on select dates to keep your funny bone vibrating with belly laughs.

Brandon Loeser- Photo by Brandon Loeser

Nothing is sacred to the SANTASIA crew, including the three wise men (well, only two this year), everybody’s beloved Italian Godfather (Bobbo Natale at his scariest), and the Bachelorette who just can’t make up her mind. Jolly Old St. Nicholas gets streamlined by Hamilton, Nutcracker ballerinas hop onto Lone Ranger’s horse, and Santa and Jack Frost meet Les Miserables. In Santasia’s world, pop made clothes and babies, and a single dad tattooed his kids’ drawings on his leg. It’s a topsy-turvy world that has kept audiences chuckling for over two decades.

The Nutcracker Trio – Photo by Brandon Loeser

It’s hard to believe that only seven performers offer so many glances, groans, and guffaws. Spearheaded by the Loeser brothers Brandon and Shaun – both producers, actors, and co-writers – the SANTASIA cast includes Lon Gowan (associate producer, actor, and co-writer), and actors Omar Heyward, Chey Kennedy, Rusty Locke, and Darren Mangler. When these fellows team up – watch out, for Santa’s coming to town. Santa’s sleigh may be a bumpy ride, but it’s sure a hoot.

Jollyfellows bring holiday cheer – Photo by Brandon Loeser

In typical SANTASIA style, skits go from the ridiculous to the sublime. How does a toilet paper roll as a cherished holiday gift strike you? Or those 20 pages of easy instructions to guide Dad in building his son’s bike on Christmas Eve? What is most remarkable about this production is the flexibility, versatility, and technological sophistication of the SANTASIA cast and crew in taking their holiday journey online. Their special brand of nuttiness, glitches and all, translates into a vimeo holiday gift for all of us.

Les Miserables come to SANTASIA – Photo by Brandon Loeser

SANTASIA is streamed online at 7 p.m. from December 18 to December 27, 2020. Tickets are $30 for the entire household; after the show airs, you can watch it again and again for up to 48 hours. For information and tickets, call the Whitefire Theatre at 818-687-8559 or go online.

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