SohoJohnny Presents: Celebrity Benefit Concert “The Sentiment Behind It”

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On November 24th during one of the century’s most tragic years in history, the sky suddenly brightened as 75 of some of the most legendary, iconic, and talented superstars came together for an unprecedented 6 hour extravaganza while over 10 thousand people, all in the name of charity. 

Presented by creator and visionary rock star philanthropist SohoJohnny via the Let Me Help Foundation and #IAMNOJOKE through Creative Visions, the virtual concert was designed to benefit those who’s lives were shattered by COVID 19, Anti Bullying and prostate cancer. With an image in mind John “SohoJohnny” Pasquale became the executive producer and host of the virtual phenomena while producer and veteran business music anomaly John Velasco-Mills joined forces with anti-bullying advocate Andrew Cole and made the impossible possible. 

Among the 75 artists featured where Sir Patrick Stewart, Slash, Rick Wakeman (Yes), John Lodge (The Moody Blues), the late Lemmy (Motörhead). Jeff Goldblum, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Julian Lennon, legendary bassist Leland Sklar, drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp), Jane Lynch, Charlie Sheen, Ten Years After, Henry Rollins, Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Fred Schneider (B-52’s), Beverley Knight, Scott Page (Pink Floyd), Kenny Olson (Twisted Brown Trucker), Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), Will Crewdson (Adam Ant), Tommy James (Tommy James & The Shondells), Jocko from Sha Na Na, Cedric the entertainer, Steve Vai, and so many more. As the concert crescendoed the audience numbers rose, with thousands and thousands of people viewing the stream on

It was inspiring to speak with the presenter SohoJohnny regarding his reasons for taking on such an enormous task and what this event meant to him…..

Question of the decade, what inspired you to create and present such an enlightening and entertaining spectacular?

After losing my own mother to the coronavirus I realized that others were feeling as I did. Desperately saddened by her unnecessary death I was walking near my house one day and I suddenly had a revelation that others who had lost family and friends might have been feeling the loneliness that I was experiencing. Instead of wallowing in my own misery decided to let the world know that they weren’t alone. Sharing music has always been my own savior and a powerful enough force to bring people together. I though “what a great way to shine a beacon of light throughout the planet through music and entertainment while raising awareness and funds to help others. I enlisted the aid of friend and mentor John Velasco to produce a virtual show spectacular that would deserve the attention of the world.

How did you get so many titanic heroes and superstars to participate?

In troubled times musicians and entertainers have historically banded together. Producer John Velasco having been in the business all of his life and having worked with artists including: Tina Turner, Tommy Boyce, The Fifth Dimension, Davy Jones, Marvin Gaye, John Denver, Black Sabbath, Abba, ELO, Yes, and so many others was able to secure some of the biggest icons in the world, asking them to do a live stream video for the concert. He then teamed up with Andrew Cole, a musician himself who had been working on his own anti-bullying project and was able to involve other superstars. We then enlisted World Star PR who was able to donate even more icons and up and coming rising stars into the mix. Together we were so fortunate to have been able to put together, along with some brilliant tech masters, a six-hour extravaganza of celebrities and rising superstars willing to donate their time and talent to some great causes.

The concert was a supreme success. Did you actually think it would turn it as big and successful as it did? Some people are also considering this event to be the “We Are The World 2020.”

We really had a very short time to put it together and if it helped but one person or benefitted the life of one person in my eyes it would have been a great success. The enormity of the response and the people viewing was unexpected but very welcomed. We are living in a time without life performances, where musicians or actually starving, and we are virtual entertainment is so brand new. I had complete faith in my team, but it was still hard to imagine that the event would turn out as spectacular as it did. Within the risk there is no possibility of the prize. 

For those who missed this concert where can they view it?

Actually, this was a one-time deal so they can’t. We intend to make a compilation of excerpts from the show which we will be able to release. In the meantime, tune in and sign up at so you don’t miss the next event.

Will you continue to be presenting these type of benefits? 

Yes, most definitely. As long as humanity earns for joy and light and as long as mankind needs help, I will be there doing as much as I can to help. “Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life it’s deeper significance,”…Roy T. Bennett

In the words of SohoJohnny himself, “The breadth of love is spoken in the language of musical expression,” the theme of SohoJohnny.


Executive Producer: SohoJohnny

Producer: John Velasco-Mills

Editor: Paul San Filippo

Line Producer: Christian Velasco-Mlls

Press: World Star PR: Eileen Shapiro & Jimmy Star

Assisstant: Gayle Serle

Webmaster’s: Ryan Dorian & Mike Beradi

Streaming: Chris Pati

For #Iamnojoke segment 

Producer: Andrew Cole

Photos by SohoJohnny


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