The Musical Genius of the Biggest Indie Band In the World: The PondHawks

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The PondHawks are one of the biggest and most popular indie bands on Planet Earth. Who you say? Let me reiterate…. The PondHawks. Comprised by band members Mario Novelli and Jorie Gracen, this duo is unlike no other group in the world. 

The PondHawks have been making chart-topping music since 2010. They are the darlings of Revernbnation, topping the charts many times out of 4 million artists, and they have a following  of over 600,000 fans. Many of their songs have made the Grammy ballot, and their singles are constantly making lists of best releases of the year. 

The PondHawks are not just musicians, they are storytellers.  They write about love, romance, life, dreams and beauty, but they also embrace life’s struggles – pain, disillusionment and loss through their own personal experiences. Songs are poetically rich with expression and thought. No words are ever wasted.

Their new song “Invisible Stranger” is a high-energy rocker inspired by the angst of the world pandemic. The synth intro is an attention getter that draws you into the song. Mario Novelli’s lead vocals are expressive and powerful as he takes you on the unprecedented journey. Jorie Gracen’s tight harmonies compliment the exquisite vocal acuity that is so unique to this duo.

“Invisible Stranger” is melodic and fueled with emotion carefully structured by the intensity of the music. The band’s creativity soars as the levels rise mirroring what so many of us are feeling at this time. The song erupts with a burst of manic keyboards, drums, guitar and synth creating a musical hurricane. Mario and Jorie’s vocals reflect the uncertainty as the crescendo builds. The song climaxes with Mario and Jorie’s wonderful vocal harmonies and uplifting lyrics that give the listener a feeling of hope.

In researching The PondHawks music, most of their reviews have received a 5 star rating, out of 5 stars. It is not hard to see why, as the music in incredibly amazing. 

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Invisible Stranger

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