100 Days to Live Review – The Essence of Life

100 Days to Live poster - Courtesy of Cinedigm
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Set to release on February 2, 2021, 100 DAYS TO LIVE first premiered at the San Diego International Film Festival, where it was awarded “Best World Premiere.” A taut psychological thriller about serial murder, suicide, and love, this haunting production is the directorial debut of Chicago-based filmmaker and industry CEO Ravin Gandhi, who also won “Best First Time Director” at the San Diego Festival. Written, produced, and directed by Gandhi, 100 DAYS TO LIVE was shot over three weeks in Chicago while Gandhi continued to work as CEO of GMM Nonstick Coatings, a company he founded and recently sold. As the credits roll, Gandhi includes a note to the audience about his first movie, a life-long dream come true (and, he adds, perhaps his response to a personal midlife crisis). Happily for the audience, 100 DAYS TO LIVE is the result.

Director Ravin Gandhi and cast member Chris Johnson – Photo courtesy of Cinedigm

100 DAYS TO LIVE explores intriguing questions about life and death as it introduces us to Dr. Rebecca Church (Heidi Johanningmeier), a therapist for the suicidal and a complex woman with lots of secrets in her own life. Maneuvering around her clients’ pain, she finds that she must also offer advice and a compassionate ear to her colleague Victor (Gideon Emery). The complexity of her own life is compounded by the events around her. Soon she is forced to face her own demons when her fiancé Gabriel (Colin Egglesfield) is kidnapped by a serial killer. A puzzle hidden within an enigma woven into a tantalizing mystery would be a fair summary of what is to follow.

100 Days to Live Cast – (top) Chris Johnson and Gideon Emery; (bottom) Yancy Arias, Heidi Johanningmeier, and Colin Egglesfield – Photo courtesy of Cinedigm

Gandhi’s motion picture skillfully delves into the meaning of life and why people would want to end it as it tells the story of Rebecca, Gabriel, and Victor. And the murderer who slyly worms his way into their lives with his trusty camera and dogged persistence. The “what” soon gives way to a deeper question: “Why?” The inherent gloom of the topic – and the mysterious goings-on surrounding every scene – are supplanted by some very lovely footage of Chicago. Day and night, this is a beautiful city and a terrific setting for this tale. Even though there are lots of shadows in the nooks and crannies, blue sky and sparkling buildings all around offer the essence of hope. Will the light win over the darkness? Director Gandhi skillfully weaves a taut tale with an intriguing existential twist while the talented cast delve deeply into the myriad questions raised.

Yancy Arias and Heidi Johanningmeier – Photo by Nicholas Puetz

Cinedigm recently acquired 100 DAYS TO LIVE and will release the film worldwide in a few weeks. Since most theaters are closed due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, it will be released on transactional VOD and DVD.

Heidi Johanningmeier and Colin Egglesfield – Photo by Nicholas Puetz

100 DAYS TO LIVE runs for 87 minutes. It releases on all VOD Digital Platforms, DVD on February 2, 2021. IVOD/EST platforms include Apple TV/iTunes; Amazon; Google Play/YouTube; Vudu; FandangoNow; Playstation; Xbox; Redbox on Demand; and others. Cable/Satellite platforms include DirecTV, Dish, InDemand (including Comcast, Charter, Optimum, Cox, Spectrum, Xfinity, RCN); Vubiquity, Unobstructed View (CA); and more. The film is now available to preorder (EST) on two platforms, Apple/iTunes and FandangoNow.

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