Before/During/After Review – How Love Lives and Dies

Finnerty Steeves in BEFORE/DURING/AFTER - Photo Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

Long familiar to audiences from her television role in “Orange is the New Black,” Finnerty Steeves makes her feature script debut with BEFORE/DURING/AFTER, a film in which she also stars. BEFORE/DURING/AFTER became a festival darling this past year, taking home awards at Dances with Films, Greenpoint Film Festival, and the San Diego and Naples International Film Festivals. BEFORE/DURING/AFTER also had an exclusive drive-in showing at RiverRun International Film Festival. This audience favorite is scheduled to air on demand beginning February 9, 2021.

Jeremy Davidson and Finnerty Steeves – Photo Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

Jennie Lonergen (Finnerty Steeves) has the perfect life as the beloved wife and exclusive lover of her husband (Jeremy Davidson) – and then she doesn’t. When she discovers that he is having an affair, her life begins to crumble bit by bit. Herculean efforts to save the 15-year marriage don’t seem to be working as the couple stampede through therapists and interventions. With grit, determination, and a little help from friends, Jennie must rebuild her life. A successful actor before her marriage, she begins auditioning again in order to pick up the pieces of her frayed life. As she tries out for a career-making role as a betrayed and shattered wife, the issues she faces really come home. Sometimes facing reality isn’t much fun – but maybe it can lead to acceptance and personal growth.

Finnerty Steeves and Jeremy Davidson – Photo Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

Steeves does a superb job of letting the audience in on her joys, losses, and pain. In fact, the entire cast do good work, especially Davidson, who plays her husband. Using a technique which scrambles chronology – so that present, past, and future are artfully mixed – BEFORE/DURING/AFTER manages to dig deep in this psychological study of the end of a relationship. Fear, chuckles, and tears intersperse and intermingle as the story is told primarily from the perspective of the wife in the doomed coupling. Smiles are added to the mix by a variety of therapists who employ their own brand of “cure.”

Finnerty Steeves and Susan Blackwell – Photo Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures

BEFORE/DURING/AFTER is a film which will entertain and offer the audience a “fly-on-the-wall” chance to experience the beginning, middle, and end of an affair. No doubt a large segment of the audience will find themselves reliving some of their own experiences in the game of love. The indie film is well produced with vivid shots of day-to-day life in New York City. It is easy to see why this film was so well received during prior pre-screenings.

BEFORE/DURING/AFTER will be released via digital streaming and video on demand beginning on February 9, 2021. For more information, go online. You can also discover added information about the film on Instagram and Facebook.

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