Dreams Aren’t This Good – Craft Salsa With Tasty Unexpected Flavors

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While there can be an argument as to what the number one condiment in America is, the fact is that salsa is in that discussion. Salsa is now used in so many ways and for the most part is kept to the basic and very simplistic form and flavor. That lack of creativity in salsa is changing and Dreams Aren’t This Good is a headliner when it comes to leading the charge to expanding this to a tastier and wideranging category.

“We wanted to focus on the flavor and not the heat level,” said DATG Founder Matt Bennett. “Our flavors push boundaries with each one being its own experience. I just started playing around and putting things in the blender.”

What came out of that blender was flavors that you don’t see on the shelf at the store and after one bite you will know that this is not your ordinary salsa. Matt not only came up with unique flavors but named each one for various inspirational reasons. “The Fighter” is a combination of garlic and cilantro which really lends itself to going with any dish, it truly punches you in the mouth with flavor. “Just Dance” is a little sweet and spicy with jalapeno and pineapple. “Girls Girls Girls” is a unique combination of blueberry and coconut. Those are just a few examples and there are more to come as Matt hopes to expand that list to 50 varieties at some point. In addition Dreams Aren’t This Good has chips that are about as close to restaurant fresh as you will find in any bag.

“We want to be like the Ben & Jerry’s of salsa, they do crazy flavors, crazy collobarations, crazy names and they are philanthropic,” Matt said. Dreams Aren’t This Good donates directly back to a partner for each flavor and picked a charity based on the spirit of the flavor.

Founder Matt Bennett

There are plenty of versions of salsa on the shelves of your local store or online, but if you really want something that is going to wake up your tastebuds, give Dreams Aren’t This Good a try. The days of the standard ingredient salsa are gone, this is one company that will keep bring the flavors and ingredients to your jar like no one else.

For more information, visit: Dreams Aren’t This Good

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