The Meeting – Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

photo courtesy of Point Loma Playhouse
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By Kathy Carpenter

photo credit Point Loma Playhouse

In honor of Black History month Point Loma Playhouse presents, “The Meeting,” by Jeff Stetson, a powerhouse drama to accompany today’s climate. I wanted to watch this play, as all should for an educational tool, to  learn more about these two magnetic historical personalities who deservedly earned places of honor in the Black history culture.

“Malcolm X making his point and Dr King upset about the option presented
(Rhys Greene) (J. Kay Weldon)
Photo credit John Howard

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream…In his vision Black and White came together to respect one another without violence, a vision of peace. Malcolm X on the other hand, an African-American Muslin minister and human rights activist claimed an opposite point of view.“Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.” – Malcolm X

In Stetson’s play, directed by Jerry Pilato,  “The Meeting, is the result of an invitation from Malcolm X to King the day his home was fire- bombed, in 1965,  a few months before his assignation  Two men with opposing philosophies taking measure of what each exactly stands for. Who is right and what can be done to perhaps work together.

Malcolm X and Dr King arm wrestling to decide the way forward
(Rhys Greene) ( J. Kay Weldon)
photo credit John Howard

This is a three man play. The third being Rashad, Malcolm X’s body guard. The cast was asked how they felt to portray these powerful characters.

J. Kay Weldon is grateful to play Dr. King. “As an actor, the challenge is always great with influential roles, but the challenge Dr. King presents is even greater, and humbling because we have a preconceived image of him in our minds.”

Rhys Green, on playing Malcolm X. “Playing Malcolm X is a huge responsibility. He mercilessly and selflessly fought for the rights of Black man. He wanted to make sure we were not beaten upon but the institutions of America. He fought for us to be a part of the nation we built and to be treated fairly for who we all are, human beings.”

Julian King Moore, bodyguard. “I am honored and humbled to play Rashad, who so valiantly tries to protect Malcolm X. Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King were exemplary men. They met resistance from every angle, dealing with tribulations of mountainous too difficult to climb. Their lives live onward through their words and actions for generations.”

Rashad, Malcolm X’s bodyguard, argues against meeting Dr. King
( Julian King Monroe) (Rhys Green) photo credit John Howard

Great viewpoints from the actors portraying two of the powerful Black leaders in history. A daunting task, but these actors, do an amazing job shining a light in show difficult shoes.

I think everyone should watch the show for the historical insight alone. To know more about the powerful men who shaped history.Hopefully we are moving ever slowly forward to a place where all me are equal.

Point Loma Playhoue will stream two more showing
March 5 and 6.

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