COFFIG Coffee Alternative Taste Test – Satisfying & Healthful Joy in a Cup

Discover Treat of Roasted Organic Fig Beverage That Can Also Set You Free from Coffee

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Oregon, USA to the world– Coffee is delicious, energizing, comforting, and so much a part of our lives. In fact, coffee is our “culture,” so don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing like joining a friend at a Peet’s, Starbucks, or some other wonderful neighborhood independent coffee place. But many of us are wondering if there is something else, something more, perhaps, even, something better…

We’re passionate about living our best lives, and this involves consuming the very best of food and beverages that can be used by our bodies to potentiate fitness, mental clarity, healthy energy and excellent rest. Unfortunately, despite its great taste, availability, convenience, and popularity, coffee can’t deliver on all of those essentials.

Enter COFFIG and COFFIG Gold, Rosmarie and William Paul’s tasty, fortifying, and healthful beverages derived not from a bean but from a super food: roasted organic figs. In this reviewer’s opinion, COFFIG is as close to the actual coffee drinking experience as possible, but without any of the bad stuff. And while most coffee replacement products are chicory based with some sort of grain-like flavor and often an off-putting mouth feel and smell, COFFIG has a delicious flavor and sweet aroma. Further, COFFIG not only looks and pours like coffee, but also has the same mouth feel of coffee- without the acid- and even stands up to creamers like coffee (sometimes, even better standing up than sachet bag-produced coffee).

All that said, COFFIG is in a class all its own and it is an excellent coffee “alternative”: This taste-tester found the unique roasted organic fig product not only has an appealing aroma and delicious taste- whether served hot or cold- but also delivers super food goodness and nutrients along with flavor/savor satisfaction.

Taste-Tester’s cups: which is coffee and which is COFFIG? Can you tell? Enter your vote in the Comments section below!

BENEFITS of FIGS for HEALTH – The Fruit of the Fig Tree v The Bean

Figs are not only tasty and delicious, they’re also high in fiber, something we know we need to consume so as to keep our digestive systems running properly. But the value of the fig does not stop there: In addition to their high fiber content, figs are a prebiotic food, an essential for “feeding” and optimizing the probiotics we consume in order to maintain good “gut” health. So, in addition to offering a delicious alternative to coffee, COFFIG also aids in maintenance of the gut microbiome rather than being an antagonist- which coffee can be. We’re hearing more and more these days about the connection between not only mood and what goes into our stomachs, but also the connection between brain health and functionality and the gut microbiome. Keeping our gut microbiome healthy and flourishing, we’re now finding out, might just help us avoid problematic things as, supposedly, minor as “brain fog” and also as major as onset of Alzheimer’s disease and similar cognitive impairment.

But, wait: there’s more! the prebiotic goodness of figs also contains calcium and potassium, major elements needed for good bone health. Because of acid content in coffee, coffee lovers- especially we women- have been warned that, if we’re going to drink coffee we should do so with milk- a kind of a check-and-balance system to, perhaps, “correct” the risks of caffeine and acid in coffee beans. Figs are a basic (vs. acidic) food. As an aside, this reporter could speak for hours here about the recommendations for establishing and maintaining a basic vs. acidic bodily system in order to discourage growth of any cancer- but I’ll keep that for a later post. Because COFFIG is made entirely of figs (or figs and chickpeas if enjoying the COFFIG “Gold” product) it actually enhances the supply of both calcium and potassium available to the bones- rather than leeching these out of the system. Osteoporosis and osteopenia cases are on the rise in the US. Is there a coffee- or caffeine-connection? We don’t- and probably won’t ever- know…

However, we DO know that, while not compromising bone health, figs also contain manganese which not only boosts metabolism but also aids in increasing calcium absorption while also decreasing inflammation. Because, as we are also learning, inflammation is a key cause of every illness in the body, we would do well to avoid consuming those substances that elicit an inflammatory response. Any of us hooked on our morning or other coffee might consider, at least, cutting down consumption if not altogether eliminating it…

COFFIG steeping (fruit & seeds) in porcelain pot & coffee grounds (sludge) in dripper

The caffeine in coffee has another insidious and often-overlooked downside that comes along with our perceived upside: inhibiting iron absorption in the body and possibly encouraging anemia, which, in turn, inhibits oxygenation of the blood and increases fatigue. This is certainly an opposite to the perk-up effect we all might seek in that favorite cup of Joe. One last tidbit of findings here from this taste-tester: while coffee can often be a bladder irritant, this was not at all an issue with either of the COFFIG beverages.

The win-win story of this new healthy beverage concept could go on forever. For this reviewer who has worked intentionally to live a life that includes exercise, proper rest, proper hydration and diet for health- but also was caffeine addicted by habituation to having that “one, really good cup” of coffee first thing each morning- finding a coffee alternative has been so important. Maintaining a healthy, basic (vs. acidic) body system, curtailing consumption of products that instigate inflammation, and purposefully nurturing the gut microbiome are keys to not only good physical health but also optimal mental health as well.

Coffig contains all of the goodness of organic black figs – superfood!

So here’s the exciting news: COFFIG truly IS a delicious and satisfying coffee alternative, sure. We’ve got “the” winner here. But COFFIG is also an amazing beverage in and of itself. COFFIG contains no artificial flavors, colorings, or preservatives. The original product contains just one ingredient: roasted organic figs, the other product organic figs and chick peas. It is a satisfying beverage, whether enjoyed hot or cold, by itself or with sweeteners and various forms of creamers, and it not only does no harm to the body, but actually supports it. For those of us with our “coffee routine” and who like that creature comfort factor in our morning cuppas- or, even, want a soothing and delicious non-sleep impacting drink before bedtime, this is a “game changer”!

As if that is not enough, there’s more: some beauty experts also report that, because of the various minerals and phytonutrients in figs, figs are an excellent anti-aging food for skin, hair, and nails. Conversely, the caffeine in coffee, a diuretic, actually causes water loss which can promote premature aging of the skin. This taste-tester noticed not only improved complexion but also increased growth of fingernails during testing phase- and also improved quality of nail strength. A sport manicure never looked so fabulous, and one can only wonder about improvement in facial and other skin tone and elasticity over time.

Individual dripper preparing coffee (sludge!)


For anyone “attached to” their coffee, one might start with a combination of COFFIG and a bit of one’s favorite organic ground coffee. This reporter taste-tested by steeping a pot of COFFIG using just one half teaspoon of COFFIG organic black fig product and mixing that with one cup of coffee made from one tablespoon of various brands of ground organic coffee beans. This yielded an absolutely delicious, less acidic, and still slightly “buzzy” beverage. Eventually moving to the hybrid COFFIG Gold product, this reporter also steeped a pot of COFFIG Gold using just one half teaspoon, then also adding one cup of coffee made from one tablespoon of ground organic coffee beans. This formula, if you will, actually tamed the acid in the coffee completely, emphasis added, so that the cup yielded that same pleasant initial “buzz” but without any sour taste or caffeine “later let-down.” This began a new and very enjoyable daily morning weaning down to a no-coffee habit for about one month’s time: COFFIG Gold hot with organic cow’s milk creamer, or with coconut and soy creamers, and also cold on its own and with various creamer products. The original COFFIG organic black fig beverage became a delicious after dinner treat which did not cause one bit of sleeplessness. Both taste tests proved to be excellent insofar as not only flavor, body, and aroma, but also ability to stand up to milk or creamer products. This is high praise from this reviewer.

COFFIG original (nourishing fruit & seeds!) in strainer in porcelain steeping pot

COFFIG – Preparation Convenience

COFFIG is brewed just as ground coffee might be brewed: in your drip coffee maker, in a French press, or even in a single cup with a ceramic or glass dripper and filter. Another choice (perhaps best as determined by this taste-tester) could be a ceramic tea pot with a drop-in, removable tea strainer. Steeping time of 5-7 minutes yields a quickly-made delicious drink. Additionally, leaving a half pot to really steep while enjoying the first cup provided this tester a wonderful surprise: while microwaving to re-heat a cup of forgotten coffee normally yields a skunky-smelling, flat-tasting product, re-heating any leftover COFFIG resulted in a vibrant, fresh-tasting cup- that’s even after a full minute of microwave re-heat blast on the “High” setting. Anyone pinching pennies- or any creatives out there who like to put on a pot instead of just one cuppa while they’re working – should relish this benefit.

Of important note here: COFFIG just recently released a new product, their COFFIG goodness made available in a single serve bag. Convenient for travel (or even car camping), this COFFIG made-in-a-flash size is available in boxes providing 20 cups.

The COFFIG for Life family, (left to right) William and Rosemarie Paul, son Christian Paul and his fellow singer/musician involved with his “Give Glory to Him” group ( which produces the most amazing videos combining uplifting song and beautiful scenery.

Rosmarie and William Paul dreamed of creating an energizing and tasty beverage that could replace caffeinated coffee. They also wished to create something that anyone could drink- young, old, even pregnant or with other medical or health challenges or dietary restrictions. They further wished to create something that could be enjoyed at any time of day without concern for sleeplessness come evening time. After much prayer, creativity, and hard work they finally felt their product COFFIG roasted fig beverage was ready to share with the world. They most certainly hit the mark! COFFIG provides a satisfying, delicious, nutritious, premium super food beverage that is convenient as well as economical, and this taste-tester could not agree more.

If you’re even remotely curious about trying COFFIG for Life, please visit the website at and take heed of their message there: “Our product is PREMIUM which means we only make a very limited quantity every year. Our production is dependent on the Central California Black Mission Figs seasonal crop availability, the current climatic realities, and the overall dry fig production.”

If this product is at all of interest to you, don’t hesitate to purchase and get on their list. A very special 20% discount is being offered on first purchase for Splash Magazines readers. Please visit the COFFIG site and enter “NEWCOFFIG for 20% off.” Do not delay! This company is about to take off, so please get in on the ground floor so you don’t get left out. Be sure to tell them Splash Magazines sent you!


-100% Organic

-Made in the USA

-Naturally Energizing


-AIP and Keto Friendly

-Acid Free

-Safe for children

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