Revenge Review – Once Upon a Time

Revenge Cast Members Larry Eisenberg and Kait Haire- Photo by Marshall Harvey
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The Group Rep streamed REVENGE, a diabolical thriller written and directed by Bruce Kimmel, at 5 p.m. (PDT) on Saturday, April 3, 2021. This one-time-only showing was free – with donations gratefully accepted. Audience members were invited to zoom into this brand new murderous mystery, where the whodunit started with a play reading – or did it? This clever production was taped by each actor (skillfully directed by Kimmel) separate from other cast members and seamlessly integrated into a whole by professional editor Marshall Harvey. Technology takes another leap forward.

Revenge Cast Members – Photo by Marshall Harvey

And then an encore streaming of REVENGE was set at 5 p.m. (PDT) on 4/10/21. Let’s hope that this clever piece repeats again!

REVENGE is a play-within-a-play about a certain actor/writer who falls hard for a highly flirtatious beauty who seems to return the favor – until she cuts him up into little pieces and tosses him away. Time for revenge! So, our rejected lover tracks her movements until he finds out that she belongs to a theater group – which he quickly joins himself. But who is the targeted victim? That’s part of the mystery, so I can’t tell. And how will the plot unfold? That’s part of the mystery too. In fact, the secret within the enigma keeps winding along to its inevitable end.

Revenge Cast Members – Photo by Marshall Harvey

REVENGE featured a talented group of Group Rep actors, including Linda Alznauer, Fox Carney, Clayton Conroy, Larry Eisenberg, Kait Haire, Doug Haverty, Clara Rodriguez, and Harley Walker. Each works so well with the others that it is hard to believe that they did not rehearse and present this play as an interacting group.

The Group Rep was founded in May 1973 and has grown and matured ever since. Now in its forty-sixth season, The Group Rep has produced well over 300 plays (including more than 70 world premieres). The company consists of over 80 active company members and has continued its shows even during a worldwide pandemic. Always adaptable, the Group Rep has tailored its productions over the past year to COVID rules – which don’t allow audiences into theaters and mandate “social distanced” streamed events. Instead of the audience going to them, they come right into each audience member’s living room.

REVENGE is just one of the many streamed events which the Group Rep has presented using all the new technologies which evolved from COVID time. Running time is just over an hour, REVENGE was presented online with an after-show Q&A link. Group Rep donations are also online. In order to expand its audience, REVENGE will again be offered at 5 p.m. (PDT) on 4/10/21. The online address remains the same.

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