Earth Day 2021 – Help Keep the Planet Beautiful

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Photo by Rajesh Kavasseri on Unsplash
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Join millions of others April 20 – 22, 2021 to celebrate Earth Day. Find an event near you and get inspired with ways to make a difference on Earth Day Live 2021! Keep the goodness moving all year long with various products that have made a commitment to help keep the earth healthy.

Bamboo Compost Bin

Whether you’re a composting pro or just thinking about getting into it, it’s always a little disheartening to buy more plastic when you’re trying to create less trash. Thankfully, Bamboozle’s compost bin is made of biodegradable and durable bamboo fibers—in other words, it’ll last for ages and have a low impact when its composting days are over.

The cute little container with a breathable lid, odor-blocking carbon filter, and slim bamboo handle makes it the perfect countertop composter that you won’t want to hide away (you might even get your next dinner party guests into composting, too!). Turning your dinner scraps into garden soil has never looked better.

$40  Buy now!

Lazy Hype

Lazy Hype, the next generation of sustainable fashion. The newly launched brand offers lounge and activewear ethically-made from recycled materials.

Through transparent practices, green manufacturing and promoting eco-conscious lifestyles, Lazy Hype is aiming to spread the word about sustainability through fashion. All orders are ethically sourced, made in Los Angeles, CA and shipped in biodegradable and recycled packaging. Instead of using synthetic dyes that pollute the earth’s water supply, the eco-friendly brand uses all natural, earth-derived dyes made from vibrant fruits and vegetables.

The collection includes leggings, bike shorts, sports bras, crews, tops, tanks, socks, face masks and more. These styles will take you from mid to high-impact workouts to weekends and back again.

$35 +  Buy now!

Boxed Water Is Better®

Boxed Water Is Better® – the leading sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and aluminum cans – has launched its much anticipated flavor line with four naturally and subtly flavored varieties – Lemon, Blackberry, Cucumber and Grapefruit! Crafted with Boxed Water’s award-winning taste and uncompromising purity, the new flavors offer palette-pleasing hydration options, while continuing to feature the 92% plant-based box – the most renewable option in the water aisle.

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$27/12 pack Buy now!

FIR & CO Heirloom Dolls

Beginning in 2020, Lauren Densley started handcrafting customizable heirloom dolls, and had a small little dream to be able to give back in some way.  A portion of the proceeds from each purchase is donated to ONE TREE PLANTED, helping plant trees in areas around the world in desperate need of reforestation.

Owner and creator Lauren states, “creating beautiful, slow-made treasures for your babes – and my own little girls – fills my heart with incredible joy, but then to have the incredible opportunity to turn around and give back to the earth in such a beautiful way gives me life!” 

Dolls are individually made and can be customized to order. To stay up to date on the tree planting and doll making journey at FIR & CO, be sure to follow them on Instagram – @firandco.

Let’s join together, and instill in our children a love and respect for this beautiful earth that so desperately needs us!

$23 – $80  Buy now!

Fracture Glass Photo Prints

Chances are most of the folks on your gift list have taken a lot of meaningful, inspiring photos that will never make it off of their phone due to the hassle of traditional printing. A Fracture print seamlessly solves both of those issues by allowing you (or your gift recipient) to easily order a beautiful, durable picture printed directly onto glass by uploading your favorite photos through their website. 

The prints are frameless and the mounting kit is built directly into the foam core backing so they come ready to hang on the wall or on a stand which they offer on their site. Better yet, let them display their favorite images on Fracture’s latest product The Storyboard, a sustainably-sourced floating wood shelf with grooves to safely slide your prints and other office-inspiring mementos on. You and your giftee will feel even better about the gift knowing that Fracture is a carbon-neutral company where sustainability is central to everything that they do from their minimalist packaging to their recycle-friendly manufacturing process.

 All of their shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and can be fully recycled. They’ve custom-engineered their packaging to not need any plastic or fossil-fuel derived “packaging fluff” such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.  All the waste glass they produce is shipped to a local glass recycling facility. Their new 30,000 square foot facility is completely powered by solar energy. The sunlight is absorbed by solar roofs as well as solar “trees”, architectural installations with metal “tree trunks” and “limbs” with circular solar panels taking the place of leaves.”

$17 – $135  Buy now!

Pooch Paper

Made in the USA, Pooch Paper is a recycled, non-chlorine bleached paper alternative to single-use plastic dog waste bags.

Our sheets are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and are manufactured using renewable energy. Our grease-resistant coating is made during the pulp drying process to ensure your doggie’s doodie remains inside the paper and not on your hand!

Each box contains a one month supply (50 sheets) of 12” x 12” single-use dog waste sheets that can be discarded in any refuse container and composted in any composting process.

Thank you for your contribution in saving our planet ONE PUP AT A TIME!

$12.99  Buy now!

Veestro Plant-Based Meal Delivery 

Veestro meals are packed in 100% compostable carton trays or 100% recyclable BPA-free plastic pouches. The insulation is made with recycled paper and can be recycled at curbside. Veestro is a 100% plant-based meal delivery service that makes it easy to get more plant-based foods into your diet without sacrificing taste or convenience. No chopping. No cooking. No cleanup. Simply heat up in the oven or microwave. Veestro is about what feeds us, body and soul—delicious, organic, healthy, sustainable, from plants. And it’s fully prepared for any time we need to eat it. Veestro is 100% plant-based with fresh ingredients. Choose from dietary preferences: gluten free, nut free, low calorie and kosher to name a few. Flexible Plan options include weight loss (5 or 7 day plan) or a la carte (choose 10, 20, or 30 meals)

From $11.70/meal  Buy now!


Next time you send a package, stop and think about the environmental impact that it is having. Ask yourself, is there a more sustainable way? The answer is yes, there is! The paper at Tishwish comes from responsibly grown forests, and for every order, the company plants a tree in areas that are barren and require reforestation!

Tishwish creates 100% compostable custom mailers and other sustainable shipping accessories that are kind to the planet and branded just for your company or personal use. Businesses of all sizes can easily order a supply of packaging, starting at as few as 100 pieces, thereby making it friendly and accessible for small businesses and e-commerce startups too! We are not talking about brown paper packages. These offerings are vibrant, fun, branded, and, most of all, earth-friendly!

$9.99 + Buy now!

PATH Water

If you’re always on the go and love the convenience of plastic water bottles but are looking for a solution to reduce waste, then check out PATH! An innovative, environmentally-friendly water bottle where you won’t have to give up your grab-and-go stash due to their refillable bottled water. Choose from 9 bottles or 18 and stay hydrated throughout your day!  PATH bottles can be kept stocked in the pantry, office or car for sharing with friends or picking up the slack when you forget your regular bottle.  This Earth Day, break the use of single use water bottles with PATH! Proceeds from the purchase of the limited edition Earth Day bottle supports various earth friendly organizations.

$4.99  Buy now!

Turtle Splash Cereal by ENVIROKIDZ

Kids love Turtle Splash: scrumptious chocolate and strawberry mini turtles that stay crunchy even in milk! Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and free of artificial ingredients, it’s made with fruits and vegetables—no wonder parents love it, too! It’s a hearty breakfast and a fun lunchbox snack with a special feature: each box you buy comes with a free baby sea turtle adoption kit, so you can help save turtle hatchlings and their habitat! Reasons to love it: made with fruits and vegetables; organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free; and each box purchased comes with a free baby sea turtle adoption kit!!

Through our partners at 1% For the Planet, 1% of sales of all EnviroKidz products goes towards our animal partners who are working to save endangered animals, protect their habitats and educate kids worldwide.

$4.69  Buy now!

Tom’s of Maine Earth Month Beauty Swaps

Embrace the plastic-free lifestyle with NEW 100% Plastic-Free Natural Strength Sensitive deodorant made with hemp seed oil and providing powerful 48-hour odor protection – wrapped exclusively in paper packaging.

Did you know Americans throw out more than 1 billion toothpaste tubes each year? And until now, the tubes couldn’t be recycled. Help reduce waste going to landfills by switching to the first-of-its-kind Tom’s of Maine Recyclable Toothpaste tube.

To simplify your skincare routine, try cleansing with the refreshing Tom’s of Maine Lavender & Shea Natural Beauty Bar, specially designed to help maintain skin’s natural moisture – and now features 100% recyclable paper packaging.

As an OG of naturals, Tom’s of Maine offers a variety of Earth-friendly personal care products that are naturally sourced, really work, and are good for our health, our planet, and our communities. For more than 50 years, Tom’s of Maine has acted on its belief of making the world a better place – including donating 10% of its profits every year to local communities and to causes that make a difference for our planet Earth.

Various prices.  Buy now!


Tinggly makes it easy to find the perfect gift – the website allows one to choose from hundreds of experience gifts ranging from adrenaline adventures, culinary tastings, romantic getaways and travel opportunities. Tinggly gift ideas offer thousands of incredible experiences for those who love to travel and discover the world. You give the choice of unique and fun-filled adventures in over 100 countries worldwide and let the recipient choose the one experience that matches their dreams.

Best of all, there’s no expiration date on a Tinggly gift experience, so if they can’t use it immediately (or even in the next few years!) it’s no problem.

AND when you give a gift from Tinggly, you’re giving back to the environment; each gift box is environmentally friendly with soy-based inks and for every gift given, Tinggly promises to clean 11 pounds of plastics (220 plastic bottles) from areas around the globe. If that’s not enough, Tinggly has also installed trash traps in the rivers of Bali and is working on reducing our carbon footprint by 200%. 

Various prices. Buy now!

*Photos courtesy of respective companies.

*Feature image by Rajesh Kavasseri on Unsplash.


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