Jonathan Marc Stein Autumn/Winter 2021 Virtual Show Debut Filming

Social Media Influencers Take Over DIgital Fashion World As Models/Brand Representative

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Gretchen Rossi: Celeb Mom + Social Media Influencer Collaborating with Jonathan Marc Stein to Represent his Autumn / Winter 2021 Collection

Click on photograph above to see a clip of the Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection by Wise Owl Productions: Karla Escobar

Los Angeles-based Celebrity Fashion Designer Jonathan Marc Stein debuted his Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection, holding a film and photography shoot on April 29, 2021, in the heart of Studio CIty. Designing a collection is no easy task, especially when it comes to the ability to stabilize a lifestyle around designing; which means money for rent better be coming in at some point – the other cruciality is brand awareness. It has long been suggested that social media influencers are heralding their coming of age in the industry as titans. Companies are hiring them left and right, based on target market criteria and number of followers alone. Its the new genius idea for how to reach millions of potential buyers, promote brand awareness and specialize a customized experience on a digital landscape for target audience all at once. Influencers each influence a percentage of corporate target audiences in an effort to sell their product. Involved in the entertainment industry; the influencers themselves are manufacturing a career out of combining different characteristics and talents involving multiple industries. There used to be people called tastemakers who were paid by companies in merch and cash to recommend the latest technology or product to underground, widespread networks of people in which reputation dominated the conversation. The companies themselves unleashed products based on the recommendations of tastemakers – there was a profession where it paid to be cool. Now, those with followings on Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. are gleaning these positions, hired as the new voices of culture of our modern day.

Introducing Jonathan Marc Stein, first off a Gemini, second a designer, + third – a very busy man. Having completed his Autumn / Winter 2021 Collection, I asked him how he found himself working asymmetrically in frills? His response was that he hoped he showcased all shapes, going for a modern concept in his latest work. Working with NAMI, a collaborative partner that hopes to unite with fashion for mental health awareness, Jonathan is always giving back to every step of the design process. Feeling no pressure in answering the sustainability pop quiz; he works in refurbished fabrics + repurposing materials, hires caring talent to represent + wear his line, + sets his sights on the future by realizing practicing sustainability matters in the long run. Asking Stein how he handles it all, Stein immediately refers to a very supportive family – ¨they are with me at every show.¨

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Hiring Shannon Baker [actress/model] who has been friends with Johny forever; ¨Ḧeś super talented,¨ states Baker, in the profession of modeling + acting was two moves in the correct direction; as she also is a social media influencer. Gigs have been picking up in recent months in part because of her role as social media influencer – the pandemic was helpful for social media influencers, those with large leads in target markets gained even more recognition with audiences stranded at home due to COVID-19. What media wants and garners most is opinion – hers is to jump on as many platforms as possible from Twitch, Instagram, Tik- Tok – just to name a few of her faves. Then again, Megan has been using social media her whole life, now filtering herself as a social media influencer who is popular, interested in modeling + acting with two roles coming out in the next few months. 

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         Gretchen Rossi wears Jonathan Marc Stein Autumn/WInter 2021 Collection

Gretchen Rossi [Real Housewives of OC] is a celeb mom with over 2 million followers. She is very into fashion, having completed a collaboration with Luxe Swimwear. Gretchen has also collaborated with Michael Costello. ¨Ï love fashion; putting on beautiful items each day?! Its a way to transform. Asking Gretchen at point does fashion take over he life, she answered: her closet – though thereś hope as ¨everyday is a new outfit – where you [can] showcase personality¨. She also supports LIFEVAC for whom she is the face of the company. It saves people from choking. Gretchen considers it her PSA. She has a twenty month old and she really caress that there are technologies out there that is helping save lives. When asked if her child influences her career, Rossi replied, ¨Yes! Everything I do is for Skylar.

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Megan Pormer [model & talk show host] posing looks natural -there is more to her than her dark brunette styled photographs portray – she actually cares about people with mental illness. Megan finds that the world is based on more psychological conditionings – like have a healthy attitude can achieve the former. Of all the models, Megan seemed the most down-to-earth with a naturel look no other girl possessed. It was interesting speaking with her concerning mental illness as there has been a big movement to promote education, inclusion, and awareness: ¨All the help we [really] need is mental.¨ Stating this, Megan felt that the entire world, not only the population with mental illness have psychological basis + therefore can relate in a beneficial way. Fashion is one way to make everything mainstream and  NAMI has aligned with Jonathan Marc Stein Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection in an effort to promote awareness for a just cause. One might almost say that a subculturalistic movement in addition to the human rights/civil liberties movement is the movement for awareness of mental health. Considering 5% of all adults over 18 are victim to mental illness; knowledge + understanding of an enormously stigmatizing topic can only serve the industry well, which itself looks to be victim to illness for the past few years. What it needs? Sustainable designers who can handle industry level techniques and compete with China on a designer level.

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Also modeling was quiggleignacio – the nicest – shining as a prominent influencer and model based in Los Angeles.

Photography Courtesy of Guillermo Proana


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