Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Fran Jam – A Music Festival Celebrating Peace, Love &Wellness

Fran Jam 2021
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When most people think or hear the Big C word they cringe.  They want to ignore it and not talk about it, but not activist/ actor Fran Drescher

On June 20, 2021, at 6 pm PST (9pm EST), she will be  hosting the FranJam 2021, a free musical sensation for her foundation Cancer Schmancer.

Fran Jam 2021

Many of us know Fran from her award-winning role as Miss Fine in The Nanny – which gave her two Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, in addition, she starred in a number of other shows as Happily Divorced, Indebted and as well as the most recent Lifetime move, “The Christmas Setup.”

It was 1999 when she started having symptoms.  For two years she suffered with a misdiagnosis of peri-menopausal (the transition time between fertility and going into menopause.) At least that is what the doctors gave her as a possible reason for her symptoms of short cycles and pain. None of the eight doctors ordered the proper tests that would have diagnosed what she had. They gave her hormones and other medications, but the symptoms still persisted. As with most women, Fran was not at that time educated on what questions she should be asking.  Finally, after eight doctors, one finally decided to do an endometrial biopsy in the office and discovered what she thought were cancer cells but ones that were just turning.

Since her sister was a nurse in NYC, Fran was set up with an oncologist who, at first, was reluctant to question the other doctor’s diagnosis but when she did, cells in stage 3 and 4 (the worst) were discovered!  Fran had an early-stage uterine cancer and she’d had it for three years!  The doctors had ignored what she said claiming that she was too young and too thin to have a cancer diagnosis. No, doctors are not gods. 

“I thought I was going to die!”

At first, she felt betrayed by her body and the medical community but being the go-getter that she is, Fran decided she would not take the diagnosis without a fight. As an RN, myself, I tell people that medicine is more an art than a science with the doctors putting together pieces of the puzzles. Some doctors are more astute than others; some pick up on clues that others do not.

Picking herself up, Fran decided to use her celebrity status to educate people about what she had gone through. “The public had to understand it.”  Many, even well-educated, do not know what to look for, what questions to ask or how to handle what they learn and so she wrote the award-winning  book Cancer Schmancer which followed  Enter Whining about her life in Hollywood.  But even after the book tour she needed to do more.   

 “I had slipped through the cracks, but it happened for a reason.  I didn’t want it to happen to other women.  I made lemonade out of my lemons. After some healing, I started public speaking, and it drove me to not  only do the book but in 2007 to start the foundation. I knew we had to change everything – what we buy, what we eat and all of our personal care items. Twelve years before I had a trauma that I had not processed properly and it’s possible that stress contributed to my problems. “

Fran Drescher – photo by Joey Carman

She decided that she had to educate people about cancer so they could prevent the disease, deal with it if they had it, support others and thus she consulted doctors all over the world to develop a free course for those who wanted to know what to look for.

So many women put themselves second to their families and ignore the early warning signs.  We do not equate them with cancer and put them on the back burner.  “My thought is to train them to think about themselves, to educate and motivate them.  We need to take control of our bodies. Even if we think the symptom is nothing, it has to be checked out since cancer at the whisper stage is the most curable.  You are useless to your family if you are six feet under.”   She was thankful that she had listened to her sister and persisted.  “I kept going to different doctors. If I had listened to those that pushed me away, I would be dead.

“They say cancer is the silent killer, but if you pay attention to the early symptoms, it speaks loud and clear. We recondition people and train them to be aware. “

Because of her celebrity status, she was able to put together top doctors and scientists and more and more doctors are becoming holistic and recognizing symptoms that many have disregarded in the past.  Each year, she puts on a “Master Class Health Summit” and a Master Class Edu-Series.”

On Cancer she lists various cancers and their symptoms, how to detox your home and your life, and she has even developed an education seminar about Covid-19 – “Corona Care 4 You”  to help people deal with the new corona virus.   Talking to the youth on WE THE FUTURE, she encourages them to participate in their future.  Fran sees them as a crucial part of

More information about the courses and the products that go along with the mission of Cancer Schmancer can be found at  While cancer was the cornerstone of her foundation, her lifestyle of avoiding pesticides and other things that upset our immune system helps many diseases including the leaking gut syndrome, which is becoming more coming now because of the toxic times we are living in now.

The music extravaganza to the held this Sunday will be streamed live on,, Facebook Live on Fran Drescher’s site,  and will include an impressive lineup of talent as Tina Arena, Jackson Browne, Ann Hampton Callaway, Liz Callaway, Cynthis Erivo, Fiji Blue, David Foster, Katherine McPhee Foster, Debbie Gibson, Hoobastank, Cyndi Lauper, and Anthony Nunziata.  This concert celebrates Fran’s 21st year of remaining cancer-free.


 All proceeds and donations support her foundation,, which is the only nonprofit that helps people connect the dots between their lifestyle and their health to prevent or reverse this life-threatening disease.  It can even help with those who have heart disease and diabetes. 

While the event is free, viewers who wish can lend their support and donate to the fight against cancer can text FRAN to 44-321 or donate directly  at  So, tune in at 6 pm Pacific time and 9 pm Eastern.

Sponsors for the event are The Skinny Line and Quantum Nutrition Labs. 

Fran’s future plans include a Broadway play about “The Nanny” and she’ll be featured in the new Hotel Transylvania #4 and The Nanny is now being replayed on HBOMax while Lifetime will replay her movie, “The Christmas Setup.”

For more information, please visit Join us on June 20, 2021, for the FranJam2021.

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