Tacos Guanajuato In Kildeer Welcomes You to Share Their Love of Traditional Street Vendor Foods With A Modern Twist

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The Sister Restaurant to The Upscale Guanajuato Restaurant in Glencoe is Tacos Guanajuato, affectionately known as Taco G: a more casual take on Mexican cuisine. For me, if summer has a taste, it is quintessentially tacos and Margaritas. Although truth be told, I crave Mexican cuisine at least once a week throughout our varied Chicago seasons. Even in the throes of a blizzard avocados, fresh clean cilantro, lime, onions cabbage, radishes on homemade tacos pillowy soft flour or corn tortillas will bring me back to summer.

Tacos Guanajuato Revolving Collection of Margaritas.

The name Guanajuato (Gwan nah wah toe) means place of frogs and is the mascot of the city and state in central Mexico. Guanajuato is an apt name for this restaurant as Guanajuato state is a mountainous colonial region and arguably has the most beautiful cities in Mexico. This restaurant is beautiful, as its name suggests. It is a contemporary designed space and scrupulously clean and comfortable environment for feasting on true Mexican comfort food.

Executive Chef Jovanny Diaz Prepares Salsa

The creative geniuses behind Tacos Guanajuato are Executive Chef Jovanny Diaz and Chef Margaritta Challenger whose restaurant group Salsalito, Inc., has crafted artful, sophisticated street fare in a casual, pleasant, yet sophisticated setting. The tortillas are handmade fresh daily. They make their own masa and the finished product shows their love and attention to detail. The food is amazing and the modern twists on traditional dishes are both innovative and delicious. They put their heart and soul into their restaurants and you can relish the delicious difference. Margaritta Challenger and Chef Diaz are sharing their passion for the treasured food memories of a childhood spent in Guanajuato. They bring you the best in Mexican cuisine that can be enjoyed without the former restrictions of Covid-19. You can dine in their charming restaurant or al fresco on the newly expanded patio.

Tacos Guanajuato Dining room

As Margaritta so aptly puts it: “As we opened just before the pandemic, we have been very fortunate to have built a loyal following at Tacos Guanajuato,” said Challenger. “Tacos G bridges the gap between the small Mexican taqueria and the super-fresh, highly crafted preparations found at the best, cutting-edge restaurants. We also are paying homage to the Mexican region and city of Guanajuato, my childhood home.”

Chef Jovanny’s Savory Octopus Tacos

We found this restaurant to be delightful and very reasonably priced. We shared and thoroughly enjoyed the hearty portioned ribeye guacamole with the handmade warm corn tortillas and a warmed basket of chips as an appetizer. They serve the chips with both tomatillo Verde and tomato salsa. I tried the Rosemary Blackberry Margarita garnished with a preserved orange slice, a sprig of fresh Rosemary, and two Blackberries. They make their own sour mix and have an extensive selection of tequilas and specialty Margaritas. You can also order a Horchata de Arroz (milk, rice, cinnamon beverage). For our dinner selection, we ordered the lamb, grilled chicken, and shrimp tacos. They were the best tacos I have ever had. I look forward to returning and trying the sweet potato and octopus tacos. For dessert, we splurge on the Tres Leche Cake and the Flan which was so delectable. There is also homemade churros dessert served with ice cream.

Shrimp Tacos

This restaurant is full service with a menu of dishes ranging from Chile Rellenos, Enchiladas, Soups, Salads, Burritos, and Tortas. You can be adventurous and create your own street food samplings or order a full meal of conventional pairings with rice and beans. The staff is so personable and gracious. You will enter this jewel of a restaurant in the Northwest suburbs, only 33 miles from Chicago, as a welcome guest and leave with the feeling of friendship.

Quesadillas can be made with cheese, chicken, steak, ground beef,
pork, or veggies at Tacos G

Tacos Guanajuato (847) 847-1056 at 20771 North Rand Road in Kildeer’s Quentin Collection Shopping Plaza is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; closed Sundays. Takeout and delivery, as well as group catering, are available. All major credit cards are accepted, and ample parking is available in the adjacent parking lot. The newly expanded outdoor patio is perfect for warm weather dining. For more information visit their website at Taco G.

All photos courtesy of: Cindy Kurman of Kurman Communications t[email protected]

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