Maya Apothecary Launch Party – A Unique Skincare Line That Puts YOU First

Maya Apothecary Launch Party
Courtesy of Maya Apothecary
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Maya Apothecary is a luxury, organic skincare company that is revolutionizing self-care. Created by Alyeria Faith, Maya Apothecary is 100% natural and organic and is infused with elevated sound & healing frequencies to help unlock every woman’s true power and potential. The brand recently held its EXCLUSIVE launch party, which was backed by brands that also support the mission of ‘self-love’ and wellness: Child of WildSlipMagic of IArt of TeaThe Moon Deck, and more. 

The Maya Apothecary Line! Courtesy of Maya Apothecary

Alyeria is on a soul-lead path building her own vision, and inspiring women to take empowered action in her wake. Through her relentless obsession with personal growth and an unwavering commitment to living life on her own terms, Alyeria found her way into the beauty industry with a vision to awaken the collective feminine through elevated skincare, which introduced Maya Apothecary.

Maya Apothecary and the VYB skincare line are really an expression of my soul. The mission behind the business is to give women the keys to step into their power and manifest the life of their wildest desires with more pleasure and ease than ever before,” Alyeria shares. “Through ritual skincare products, infused with elevating and healing frequencies, we offer women a new way to slow down, get intimate with themselves and return to their true essence.” 

The entire brand delivers transformational skincare that bridges ancient natural healing wisdom and modern science by utilizing both in its unique formulations. Grounded in sustainability, with a strong commitment to caring for people and the planet, we use only natural and organic, fair-trade ingredients, delivering the very best products with as little environmental impact as possible. It’s a way to slow down, get intimate with themselves, and return to their true essence.  

“All of our skincare lines, developed by leading skincare scientists, in collaboration with renowned alchemists, are infused with specific frequencies that activate the cellular memory of the bodies natural healing wisdom, to connect you to the true nature of your being,” Alyeria shared.  

Partnering with these brands for the launch was a no-brainer. Each of these brands align with the theme of ‘self-love’ and honoring ‘me-time.’ Needless to say, it’s a little something that we need more of. 


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