Exhilarating exhales 80 feet above the forest – Mount Hermon Adventures

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Calming greenery

What better way to kick off Halloween season than with a thrill above the air where you fight with all your might against physical and mental frights living to tell the empowering tale. Set against a beautiful backdrop driving down curvy California 17 roads, plenty of trees enveloped the entrance to Felton, home of Mount Hermon Adventures. While a forest canopy awaited our arrival, the excitement coupled with a bit of nerves started to hit! Perfect opportunity to head to the restrooms to relieve yourself and your mental chatter. Spotless and high quality facilities? Check. Next we waited around a small area where several obstacle courses hung off to the side demonstrating a couple of bridges and ropes across trunks. Confident and knowledgeable tour guides led the way, emphasizing the importance of safety starting with a quick informational video, then a short walk over and across a small street to the course. They also explained the need for positive comments as words translate differently 80 feet above the air. The group was taught how to put on and buckle up the harness along with how to use the clips and ziplining gear. Decked with all the safety equipment after a quick test to ensure we remembered what we learned, it was time to hit record on the Go Pro helmet and start the adventure! 

There’s levels to adventure

Safety is emphasized at all points of the experience, helping to quelch first time jitters. Moving at a snail’s pace and gripping on tightly, a pro tip is to let all the other members of the group go first. Speed in this adventure is for those well versed on the ropes. Plus, each of the guides bookend the line so it’s helpful to have them behind you versus holding up eager daredevils ready to go full steam ahead. Let them go in front of you as the less pressure from yourself or others, the better. Having a warm and supportive partner helped assuage the temporary yet poignant fears of physical danger or worse yet; an untimely death as our trip in California had barely commenced!  We each battled our own fears ; one facing the fear of falling or basiphobia while the other grappled with acrophobia. Strength of mind test? Check! With pounding hearts, slowly we trekked our way throughout levels one and two finishing with back to back zip lines. Level three was the best way to end this type of pleasure. The grand finale combined a true test of agility along with physical and mental endurance. 

Being in the midst of the world’s largest and tallest trees, let alone standing on a platform along the middle of these giants was breathtaking. Quite literally breath struggled to come out, the fight, flight or freeze function kicking in. Between hugging huge trunks and desiring to hold on for dear life yet choosing to feel the fun when you decide to finally let go and simply enjoy the moment. Peering down below, a mixture of anxiety and curiosity washes over you. One step at a time, one foot after the other, patience guides each move. As does balance, core power strength, and the will to leave this experience unscathed! A light natural music is created with the tree’s gentle leaves whispering in the wind and the soft swaying waves of branches setting the stage for quiet, calming reflection.

Excitement? Or fear? Or little of both?

This was an incredible learning experience that with practice builds confidence in your ability to suspend your own body weight and balance with ease. The smaller the platform area, the greater the unsettling feeling as the forest floor loomed eighty feet beneath your feet. Besides those fears, another challenge was being able to shimmy your body across cables and going back the cables to push ropes out of your way. Talk about a workout! Watching others teeter their body weight across the many levels of obstacle courses was a motivating sight to propel your own self to the safety of the platforms. Our hearts raced, pumping blood to every terrified cell as our arms were getting exhausted and our knees felt like buckling. Yet we prevailed!

Mount Hermon Adventures left us feeling enlivened by the majestic tree’s uplifting energy, grounded and grateful for this exquisite life. Being vulnerable and open to adventure connects us to mother earth. Talk about an encouraging stress reliever! This adventure packs a punch punch by delivering excitement, adrenaline, and pure delight in nature’s wonder. Trees supply oxygen, inspire patience, and model strength. Take a slow, deep breath while inhaling the tree’s life giving oxygen and phenomenal powers. The untamed wilderness beckons. Mount Hermon Adventures offers you the chance to toss fears to the side, show up courageously and nourish your soul. Are you ready to answer the tree time call? Zip over to https://mounthermonadventures.com to start this remarkable journey with Redwood and Sequoia trees as your new best buds who offer an unmatched perspective.

Emerging victorious!


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