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After being away for 2 years due to the pandemic, the stage play “Lorraine” marks the return of B-Side Studios to a live audience

The year is 1968. One year after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that laws banning interracial marriage violate the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Day is April 4th. The same day as the assassination of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, an interracial couple are headed to the south to solidify their love in holy matrimony. They stop at the Lorraine motel for the evening, just to be confronted by both sets of their parents that may or may not take issue with their upcoming union.

B-Side Studios is excited to announce their return to the live stage as they proudly present “Lorraine” (Written by Carlos J Gomez / Produced & Directed by Maurice D. Proffit ). The last time B-Side Studios was able to put on a live production for Black Excellence Month was February 2020, just two weeks before the global shutdown, due to the pandemic. Needless to say, the entire cast and crew of B-Side Studios are absolutely thrilled to be back in its natural element. However, in the interest of the pandemic, executive producer and director for this production, Maurice D. Proffit, felt it was right to alter the capacity of the show.

“Typically, going into these productions, my objective is to try my hardest to fill as many seats in the theatre as possible. However, the mindset has changed where ‘Safety over Sales’ is the focus. I want our guests to come to the show with the peace of mind knowing that social distancing will still be exercised this evening to protect families. Thus, the reason that we decided to operate at half capacity.” (Maurice D. Proffit)

Considering the state of affairs with problems surrounding the pandemic, Maurice feels confident with the assertion of CDC guidelines while ensuring the great times that the guests have, will not take away from the experience. 

This is the first time that Maurice Proffit and Carlos J. Gomez have worked together. They’ve had some other projects on the table before, but this will be the first production that the two will see in final product.  In addition, working alongside with B-Side Studios is “Neogrid” positioning themselves as the official sponsor for the event. Neogrid is a supply chain management technology company based in Brazil. You’re probably asking yourself, “is there a relation?”, and interesting enough, there is.

“Not giving too much away, but there are some technology references in the show. Sort of a subtle reminder that there were people back in the 60s that took a keen interest in tech the way that we do in the present day. And having Neogrid on board as a sponsor is such an honor because they are industry leaders in supply chain technology.” (Maurice D. Proffit)

This production of “Lorraine” will be 23 years of celebrating Black Excellence Month, at the AL Larson Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg. This tradition started in February 1999 by the late Valerie M. Profit (mother of Maurice) and her production company “Powerhouse Productions”. Valerie was responsible for bringing a production to the Prairie Center every February to celebrate Black History Month. When Maurice took the helms of the artistic responsibility, it was his production company, B-Side Studios, that gave the event a more modern makeover. 

This show is a mix of drama/comedy and age appropriate for the ENTIRE family. We encourage you to join us LIVE on Saturday February 26th, 2022, at the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg, IL. Tickets are on sale NOW at bsidestudios.net. We’ll have red carpet, live media interviews with the theatre guests, vendors in our “Powerhouse Marketplace”, giveaways of free goodies from our sponsor and much much more!  In addition, if you are out of town, you can join us live on our livestream. Access pass for the PPV Livestream can be purchased at: maestro.tv/b-side-studios .
Don’t just meet us there, BEAT US THERE! 😃We look forward to seeing you all at the theatre!

Photos: Courtesy of B-Side Studios


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