The Edwardian Ball 2022 Preview

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March 06, 2022

The 2022 Edwardian Ball is returning to the Regency Ballroom, in San Francisco, be held on Friday April 1st, and Saturday April 2nd, 2022. I’m told that Mr. Edward Gorey will make a personal appearance the first night of the rescheduled 2022 Edwardian Ball. Just goes to show you how special the EDWARDIAN BALL is, that Mr. Gorey himself will appear.

Edward Gorey

Edward Gorey was a Harvard educated American, who wrote, designed costumes, and became a noted artist for his “narrative illustrations” of Victorian and Edwardian scenes. Mr. Gorey died in 2000, at the age of 75, so I have no doubt his appearance* at the Regency Ballroom, for the 2022 incantation of the Edwardian Ball, will be no less than spectacular.  

Attending a Vau de Vire Society event is akin to stepping into an interactive circus where all layers of pretension are discarded at the door. The common two-dimensional wall between audience and performer is shattered by VdV artists emerging within the crowd, performing thematic roaming vignettes. The audience and performer become a single force, creating an art-filled environment providing all in attendance a safe haven to indulge fantasies of running away with the circus…if even for the night. No matter the genre they infiltrate with their unique brand of circus theatrics, the Vau de Vire Society creates a live choreographed explosion of all that is beautifully talented.

I interviewed Justin Katz and Mike Gaines, two original founders, and Producers of the Edwardian Balls, and both were excited to bringing back the Ball to real live audiences. They are enthusiastic about the reunion of all the cast and crew after such a long absence, and appreciate the dedication of all the patrons who support, enjoy, and make possible, the Edwardian Ball. The Edwardian Ball’s re emergence as the preeminent San Francisco event, is a celebration of its history, and this year’s featured tale will be Edward Gorey’s playful classic, “The Wuggly Ump.”

In “The Wuggly Ump” we will join unsuspecting children and fiendish monsters performed both nights on stage, in a tangle of illustrations and mysterious prose, brought to life in an original stage performance by your co-hosts Rosin Coven and Vau de Vire Society. Add in performances by Dark Garden, Kinetic Steam Works, Le Cancan Bijou, our famous Vendor Bazaar, the decadent Museum of Wonders, and many, many musical and theatrical guests each night, the 21st annual celebration weekend is one I don’t want to miss, and I’m sure you will feel the same.

New and future Edwardian’s, put your costume fears to rest. One of the key successes at every Edwardian Ball is that, there is no dress code! No kind of look or fashion is “right” or required. I’ve noticed newcomers are often dressed nicely, only to return in subsequent years, dressed up in some manner, to step out of ordinary life, and join the celebration! For some this might mean an elaborate, hand-made gown or corset. For others it might be a playful hat or twirly mustache, or a fancy pair of knickers and boots. Of course you can be either elegant, or exotic, in black.

Check out some of the vendors here, for ideas, and to start your own style for the night’s events. Take a look at The Crimson Parlour, Petals in the Sky, Mischief Masks, Kracken Whip, and Five and Diamond. For a special touch add a boutonniere or corsage from Green Thumb Flowers, or you may want to go all out, and luxuriate in a bespoke corset or costume from Dark Garden Unique Corsetry

Dark Garden Fashion Show 2020

A special note here, just for my readers; The Vau de Vire Society has a very special summer event in the planning stages. It’s called REVIVE, to be held at the opulent Vibiana, in downtown Los Angeles, June 17 through July 24. Vau de Vire will be packing up the circus and heading to Downtown Los Angeles this summer, for a 6-week run of Vau de Vire Society’s most ambitious show to date.

Your every sense will be reinvigorated in REVIVE’s decadent and immersive dining experience alongside a team of world-renowned collaborators. The titillating visual spectacle, the culinary indulgence, the inspiring musical score, and the immersive and lavish environment will leave guests feeling that they’ve been an integral part of a feel-good movement that transcends any known dining, theater, or nightlife experience. For more about REVIVE, go to the Vau de Vire Society’s website, or the Vau de Vire Society’s Facebook Page.

When I asked about future Edwardian Balls in Los Angeles, or other cities, Mike Gaines demurred, saying only that ‘their plate is full for the time being.’

For MORE INFORMATION about, and tickets for, the Edwardian Ball and the Vau de Vire Society, visit their website in these Links: As of this writing, Masks, and Vaccine certifications, will be required. However, as we all know, this can and probably will change, by the time of the Ball. Tickets from Past Ball are being honored, and already Sat Night is sold out, there are some tickets remaining for Friday Night.

Watch for my full Review Article here in Splash Magazines, about the 2022 Edwardian Ball, with photos of the guest and performers, to further titillate your palette. Photos of their creativity and skills in costume making are always a highlight for everyone in attendance.

My Photos herein are from past Edwardian Balls and Vau de Vire events, for which I’ve been honored to attend and to document for Splash Magazines.

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