The Best Friggin’ Songs of The Second City: Sing Out! Review – Laughter Never Sounded So Good

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The Second City recently debuted a pitch perfect revue that celebrates all things musical. Featuring the company’s finest and funniest melodies throughout the decades, song-centric sketch comedy, original new works, and musical improv, you will be blown away by the chops of our fine-tuned performers who are ready to sing their lungs out to make you laugh so hard, it will make Broadway jealous!

It was wonderful being back in the audience for a brand new Second City revue, as it was my first since the pandemic started 2 years ago. It was the wait! Not only was the famous comedy group funny as ever, I really connected with this particularly themed production as a singer, performer and longtime musical theater buff. 

The cast made fun of everyone and everything through every style of song. Many questions and wondering about life were asked during the performance such as “if you walk backwards, is your butt still your rear?!” There were also parents that sing to their baby a futuristic lullaby to help her to sleep about the nuclear war going on outside. They then load their “rifles,” and go out to do their usual battles with the zombies that wait to attack them outside their door. 

I also loved how throughout the show the audience was presented with music and clips of past Second City performers and revues, which added a sentimentality to this special production.


The “Sing Out” cast was very funny and talented musically. They all had great stage chemistry as a whole group. As usual, the ensemble diversity was impressive, while bringing out interesting perspectives of current events and political statements, which were all very entertaining. The concept of personal identity was hinted at throughout the show, while the different perspectives of the performers assisted with getting the message across on topics. It played on stereotypes such as identifying as an androgynous individual on that experience, and a white woman’s middle class experience juxtaposed with a black woman’s inner city experience. 

There was not one moment during the performance that did not make me laugh out loud. There were several funny skits and inspirational ballads that made references to singing just “words,” a country singer’s many ex husbands, a singer trying desperately to “hit that high note.” Then there was the hilarious, yet very real stalker number, which hit a high note with helping to highlight privacy concerns, and whether we’ve lost this battle. 

All in all, Second City never disappoints, and Sing Out, Second City is a unique, entertaining and non-stop hilarious gut-busting show not to be missed. 

Photos: Courtesy of Second City

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Thursdays-Saturdays at 8PM

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CONTENT WARNING: This production of The Best Friggin’ Songs of The Second City contains flashing lights, lasers, and simulated gun shots. The show has scenes which include sensitive subject matter.

NOTICE: All theater patrons and all in-person students are required to be fully vaccinated, and show proof, to attend a Second City show or class. See more COVID policy updates.


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