Claus Dalby’s “Containers in the Garden”

Celebrity gardener’s latest gift to gardeners with big ideas and small spaces

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Danish designer, florist, and gardening expert Claus Dalby– often called “the Scandinavian Martha Stewart”- says he can “go on and on about plants” and that he “loves to communicate, especially in books.”  So, lovers of books about all things garden-related but who don’t have any garden space, listen up: we are now blessed with the latest from this successful publisher, television personality, and Holmegaard glass vase designer ‘s offerings that can help us take baby steps to beautiful with Containers in the Garden.

Containers in the Garden is described as featuring the beauty, charm, and simplicity that are the hallmarks of Scandinavian planting techniques. Dalby’s signature style of container gardening capitalizes upon densely packing plantings and changing pots to create constantly-updated seasonal displays, and this publication is filled with gorgeous examples of his delightful and, for the most part, portable, flower power wonder.

Cover of beautiful new book

Inside the pages of Containers in the Garden we are transported inside Dalby’s Danish garden so we can glean ideas and inspiration for bringing a bit of lykke and hygge into our homes- even if we need do so in small and non-permanent spots. 

Dalby shares some best-kept secrets to bring colorful joy while also providing the basics of how-to’s to change palettes season by season, including how to plant, organize, tend, and share plantings.  Front steps or back patios can be easily- and enthusiastically- perked up while also presenting projects that are fulfilling without being overwhelming.

Author Claus Dalby

Containers in the Garden treats the reader to the beauty, charm, and simplicity of Dalby’s descriptives and personal text- perfectly exemplified with loads of gorgeous photos.  Offerings include:

-Early season container plantings of tulips, primroses,narcissus,and other spring-flowering beautifies;
-Lush summer pots, overflowing with dahlias, roses, hydrangea, and foxgloves;
-Colorful and textural foliage-only containers to add structure and interest to the collection;
-Unusual container plants such as spikemosses, wintergreen, oxalises, and even edible plants;
-Tropical beauties bring a summer explosion, including cannas, Brugmansia, and hibiscus; and
-Autumnal fireworks of bronze, gold, and rust round out the seasonal display. 

This lovely publication will not only bring reading joy, but also that great kind of inspiration that comes bundled with the right kinds of “how to” so that anyone can enliven their tiniest (or biggest) of spaces with wonder-inspiring flowering and accent plants.

Containers in the Garden by Claus Dalby
Cool Springs Press/Quarter Publishing Group USA Inc.
April 2022
Hardcover, 176 pages    $30.00 US, $39.99 CA
ISBN: 978-0-7603-7465-8

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